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Things to Ask in a Product Design Job Interview

If you’re a product designer looking for a new job, you already know that a job interview is a crucial step in hiring. While it’s essential to prepare for questions you’ll get to answer during the interview, it’s equally important to prepare a list of things to ask in a product design job interview. 

Asking relevant questions during a job interview can help you better understand the company, the role, and the design process and can also help you determine if the job is a good fit for your skills and career goals.

In this article, we’ll share some essential questions you should ask your interviewer, so keep reading!

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How should you approach your product design job interview?

Things to ask in a product design job interview are a subcategory of your overall approach to this interview. As a prospective product designer, you should be professional, informative, friendly, and laid-back.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that an interview is a professional setting, and you should present yourself accordingly. This means dressing appropriately, arriving on time, preparing your portfolio, and any other materials the interviewer may request. 

You should also be respectful, polite, and attentive throughout the interview. At the same time, it’s essential to remember that an interview is also an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and demonstrate why you would be a valuable addition to the team. 

You should be approachable and easy to talk to, which can put the interviewer at ease and establish a positive rapport.

Before you get to the things to ask in a product design job interview, you’ll need to answer their questions first. When answering questions, you should balance being informative and concise. You should provide clear and detailed answers demonstrating your knowledge and expertise, but you should also be mindful of not rambling on or getting too bogged down in details.

Throughout the interview, it’s crucial to remain enthusiastic and engaged and demonstrate your passion for design and eagerness to learn and grow. By striking the right balance, you’ll make a positive impression on the interviewer and increase your chances of landing the product design job of your dreams.

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Things to ask about their design team

When interviewing for a product design job, you’ll want to explore whether the company already has a design team, how they work, what your day-to-day would look like, and how they would onboard you. 

So, things to ask in a product design job interview should include questions like:

  • “Can you tell me more about the design team, how it’s structured, and how it operates within the company?” and “Can you explain the design team’s culture, values, and approach to design?”

Asking about the design team’s structure and operations can help you better understand how the design team fits into the company’s overall structure. Moreover, inquiring about the design team’s culture and approach to design can help you evaluate whether you’re a good fit for the team and share the same values and approach to design.

Onboarding should also be a part of the things to ask in a product design job interview. Use questions like:

  • “What’s the company’s onboarding process for new designers, and how would I be trained and introduced to the design team?”

Asking about the onboarding process can help you examine how the company supports new employees and whether you would receive adequate training and support as a new designer.

And finally, one of the most important things to ask in a product design job interview is the tools they use. You can ask something similar:

  • “Can you tell me about the tools and software the design team uses?”

Understanding the tools and software they use can help you determine what tools you need to be familiar with and evaluate if the team uses relevant tools for designing and collaboration.

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Things to ask about current design processes

Among the essential things to ask in a product design job interview, the current design processes of this company are one of the most important.

Asking about the current design processes will help you evaluate whether your skills and experience align with the company’s approach to design and determine whether the role would be a good fit for you.

It would be best if you considered asking something along the lines of:

  • “What’s the design process for a typical project, and how has it evolved?”

Asking this question will give you insight into the current design process and help you identify potential gaps or areas where you can contribute to the team. A question such as:

  • “How does the company approach user research and feedback, and how is it incorporated into the design process?” will help you comprehend and evaluate its approach to user-centered design. It can also help you determine whether the company values user feedback and if it’s a priority in the design process.

Among things to ask in a product design job interview should be a question such as:

  • “Can you tell me about any design frameworks or methodologies that the team uses, such as design thinking or agile development?”

Asking about the design frameworks and methodologies can help you gain insight into the company’s approach to design and how it operates as a team. You can also ask:

  • “How does the design team approach prototyping and user testing, and how is feedback incorporated into the design process?”

Understanding the design team’s prototyping and user testing approach can help you evaluate the company’s commitment to iterative and user-centered design. It can also help you determine whether you would have opportunities to contribute to prototyping and user testing.

As mentioned, current design processes are one of the crucial things to ask in a product design job interview. By asking these questions, you can learn about the company’s current design processes and evaluate whether they align with your skills and experience.

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Things to ask about the compensation and growth opportunities

Let’s face it – everybody works for money. Yes, we all want to create clean designs and a legacy in the form of beautiful digital products, but compensation is one of the most significant factors when applying for a job. Additionally, it’s natural to want to explore the possibilities to learn and expand your knowledge.

So, among the things to ask in a product design job interview are questions about compensation and growth opportunities.

If you want to ensure you’ll get a secure position with fair compensation, here is an example of a question you may want to ask your interviewer:

  • “Please tell me more about the company’s compensation, possible benefits package, and how it compares to industry standards?”

This question can help you determine the compensation and benefits you’ll receive if you get the job. It can also help you evaluate whether the company values its employees and is committed to providing competitive compensation.

Growth opportunity is one of the critical things to ask in a product design job interview. Questions like:

  • “Can you share more about growth opportunities within the design team and the company?” can help you evaluate whether the company is committed to investing in its employees’ development and whether there are opportunities for career advancement.

Feedback is also essential for growth, so include it in things to ask in a product design job interview. Ask something similar:

  • “Would you tell me about the company’s approach to performance evaluations and feedback, and how often are they conducted?”

Knowing how the company approaches performance checks and feedback can help you evaluate whether the company is committed to providing regular feedback and support.

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Things to ask about work-life balance and inclusivity

Among the things to ask in a product design interview are questions about work-life balance and inclusivity. Work-life balance and inclusivity are essential in a product design profession because they can directly impact a designer’s creativity, productivity, and job satisfaction. 

A healthy work-life balance allows designers to maintain their well-being and prevent burnout. At the same time, an inclusive workplace fosters diverse perspectives and ideas that can improve the design process and product outcomes.

Here are some questions you might want to ask your interviewer:

  • What’s the company’s approach to work-life balance, and how it supports employee well-being?
  • Could you please share the company’s policies and practices regarding time off, including sick, vacation, and personal days?
  • Are there any practices related to flexible work arrangements, such as remote work and flexible hours?
  • What’s the company’s approach to diversity and inclusion, and how it’s reflected in its culture and practices?

These questions are some of the best things to ask in a product design interview. They’ll give you a deeper insight into whether the company can help you create brilliant products while maintaining your physical and mental health, prevent burnout, and improve your productivity and creativity.


These are our suggestions on things to ask in a product design interview! Asking the right questions during the interview can help you better understand the company’s design team, processes, compensation, and approach to work-life balance and inclusivity. 

By asking thoughtful and informed questions, you can evaluate whether the role and the company are a good fit for you and your career goals. 

Finally, remember that some humor can go a long way in breaking the ice and showing your personality, but make sure it’s appropriate for the setting and interviewers. 

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Happy job hunt! 🥳

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