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Sharc d.o.o. is a privately held company registered in Croatia that publishes, manages, and governs their services, products, and content as a collective project under the brand name Supercharge Design (“We”/”Us”/”Our”).

Supercharge Design Platform (“Platform(s)”) includes online platforms located at

and other platforms which may be added or removed at any time. This includes all versions accessible via different types of devices.

The Supercharge Design Service (“Service(s)”) includes but is not limited to coaching services, design services, and any associated software, applications, or services under our control, whether partial or otherwise, used in connection with providing services via Supercharge Design Platform.

The Supercharge Design Products (“Product(s)”) include but are not limited to free and paid courses, workshops, communities, and other digital products or similar items.

The Supercharge Design Content (“Content(s)”) includes but is not limited to all text, images, graphics videos, audio, information, logo, designs, layour, software, computer code, features, and functionalities associated with our Platforms. Content includes the content of Products.

All users agree to our Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) carefully before using our Platforms. The Terms include the Privacy Policy. All visitors of our Platforms, buyers, subscribers, and users of our products and services (“Users”, “You”, “Your”) agree to abide by these agreements. This is a legally binding contract.

If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you are prohibited from using or accessing our Platforms and buying or using our products and services.

Revisions. We reserve the right to review and change any of these Terms at any time by posting an updated version. The new version will take effect immediately from the date of publication. You agree to visit and review this page periodically to stay informed about our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

These Terms of Service were last updated on 18 November 2022.

Children. No part of our Platforms is intended for children under the age of 13. If you are under 18 years of age, you represent and agree that you possess the legal consent of your parent or guardian to access and use our Platforms.

International users. The Supercharge Design Platforms are operated from Croatia but may be accessed from other parts of the world. Users located outside of Croatia agree that they’re doing so in their own responsibility and that they comply with local laws in addition to these Terms. By submitting information of any kind to our Platforms, you consent to the transfer, processing, and storage of that information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Purchases and subscriptions

Some parts of our Platforms and some of the Products, Services, and Content we produce are accessible only by buying in access or participation. The amount of any fees may be changed at any time by Supercharge Design and may vary from region to region.

Paying for your purchases. If you sign up for any paid part of our Platforms, you agree to pay for it and you agree that we may charge your selected payment method. You are responsible for all fees charged to make payments using payment processors. You warrant and represent that you’re authorized to use any payment method you provide to us.

Payment processors. We use different kinds of third-party payment processors. These processors are Teachable and PayPal and you can view their privacy policies and terms of use on paypal.com and teachable.com on their own platforms. We don’t make any warranties about the future availability of any particular form of payment. Information you provide to the chosen payment processors is not stored by us or within our control and our Privacy Policy covers only the data over which we have control, excluding third parties. We disclaim all liability with regard to fees or problems with third-party payment processors. For any disputes, you may contact them directly.

Subscriptions. Subscription-based parts of our Platforms are charged monthly at the beginning of the month or at the date of the first purchase. Subscription fees are due in advance. The first purchase occurs after the user agrees to subscribe or after the trial period ends. You are free to cancel the subscription during the trial period. We are not obligated to notify the end of the trial period. By subscribing to any of our subscription-based parts of the Platform, you agree to pay a subscription fee as set forth, and the fee will be billed automatically each month. We reserve the right to change the prices of subscriptions. The new price will be announced within a reasonable period before the next payment occurs.

Subscription cancellations. If you wish to cancel the subscription, cancelation will be in effect after the current paid period, before the next due payment occurs. To cancel the subscription, follow the instructions provided on the Platform. We reserve the right to cancel your subscription at any time without further explanation.

Charge disputes. You agree to submit any disputes regarding charges within 7 days of such charge. After this period, all disputes will be waived as final and are not subject to change.

Refunds. We reserve the right to provide refunds at our discretion. We don’t take the obligation to refund any fees paid to us. For all products purchased directly through Teachable, you are entitled to a seven (7) day refund from the date of purchase. All refunds will be carried out by the same payment method that was used to make a purchase. We may modify the refund policy at any time. The refund policy that was in effect at the time of purchase will continue to be valid for that purchase.

Taxes. “Tax” includes all types of taxes, VAT, or any other government-imposed fees and charges. We will not collect or pay any of your taxes. Users and/or Teachable, if the product is hosted on their platform, are responsible for determining, collecting, reporting, or paying the appropriate tax resulting from transactions that occur through our Platforms.

User conduct, accounts, and information

We reserve the right to suspend, restrict or revoke access to our Platforms to any User at any time in the exercise of Our sole discretion. We reserve the right to assist law enforcement in the investigation of any crime or occurrence and to cooperate with any legal process in the exercise of our sole discretion.

Personal information. Users agree that they are responsible for the confidentiality of their log-in credentials and for keeping their information true, accurate, up to date, and complete. Users are responsible for all activity resulting in the use of their personal log-in credentials on all our Platforms. You agree to notify us immediately if you believe the security of your log-in credentials has been compromised. You agree that any damage resulting from unauthorized use of your credentials is your responsibility.

Strictly prohibited user activities. All activities that may cause any kind of damage to the Platform or other users are strictly prohibited. All activities that violate these Terms or local laws that apply to this Platform are strictly prohibited. You agree that you will not:

  • You will not violate or encourage violation of any local, state, national, or international law or regulation.
  • You will not harass, vilify, discriminate, or annoy other users of the Platform.
  • You will not post content that is obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, threatening, discriminating, harassing, vulgar, bullying, indecent, profane, hateful, offensive racially, culturally, ethically, or in any other way.
  • You will not collect, store or solicit personal information from other users or our Platform.
  • You will not submit anything to our Platform that infringes on any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, intellectual property, or any other rights of any third party.
  • You will not impersonate other entities or people other than who you actually are.
  • You will not distribute any spam, junk mail, or chain letters.
  • You will not solicit services, goods, or money for your personal gain.
  • You will not unauthorizedly use other users’ content.
  • You will not disclose personal or sensitive information about other persons or businesses.
  • You will not promote any commercial activities other than our own.
  • You will not infringe our, our users or third parties copyrights, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property.
  • You will not endanger or disrupt the security of this Platform.
  • You will not harm, reverse engineer, steal from, or gain any unauthorized control of this Platform.
  • You will not sell, transfer or assign any of your rights at our Platform to a third party without written consent by us.
  • You will not assist any third party to engage in these prohibited activities.

Providing links or content. You are free to share links to our Platform, except for the links to paid and private content. You may not share paid content with anyone in any case. You may not share links that frame our Content, damage our reputation, or indicate your association or endorsement with and by us.

Representations. You agree that if you use our Services or the Platform on behalf of a business entity, you have the legal authority and capacity to do so. You agree that you have the authority to bind the business you represent in legal agreements and contracts, including this Term.

Communication. You agree that we may communicate with you by email or by posting a notice on our Platforms. You agree to receive an email from us at the email address you provided to us for customer service-related purposes, or regarding privacy, security, or administrative issues, even if you have chosen to opt-out of marketing communications.

User’s content

By posting to our Platforms, you warrant that all content you provide or submit to our Platforms is your own, or that you own rights to it, or a license to do so. By posting to our Platforms, you warrant that you’re not violating privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, or any other rights of any other person, business, or institution. You agree to pay all monies owing to anyone as a result of unauthorized posting of content to our Platforms.

By posting or submitting content to our platform, such as but not limited to, comments, questions, emails, messages, writings, audio, videos, photographs, or any other media, you grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, transferrable, unconditional, unrestricted, sublicensable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, use, exploit, reproduce, modify, remove, publish, upload, distribute, transmit, publicly display and create derivative works from your content for any purpose, without compensating you. We may modify your content, without prior approval from you, in order to make it fit better to the purpose it’s used for. Upon your request, we will stop using your content within a commercially reasonable period.

Featuring user’s work. We may use our user’s work submitted in any way to our Platforms to promote our Services. We agree to include your name and attribute your work to you if you request so.

User engagements. Users may engage with each other across our Platforms and with our Content by commenting, sending messages, submitting their work, and similar. We are not responsible for any user-generated content on any of our Platforms. Users accept liability that arises from generating content. We don’t make any representations and warranties with respect to the confidentiality of any content you share through our services.

Other users’ content. We do not take any responsibility for the content users post. We don’t guarantee its accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability. By using our Platforms, you accept the risk that you might be exposed to content that is objectionable or inappropriate.

User suggestions. We appreciate hearing from users in form of comments and suggestions for improvement. If users send us creative ideas, suggestions, inventions, or materials, we can use them without compensating them.

Supercharge Design Content ownership and use

Our rights. We own all and entire Content appearing on our Platforms. All the Content is property of Supercharge Design or its licensors and is protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, intellectual property, or other laws. We reserve all of our rights to our Content. No grant of our rights is expressed or implied in any use of, or transaction through our Platforms. Any license to our Content, expressed or implied, can be revoked at any time without notice and with or without cause.

Availability and correctness of the content. We don’t promise or guarantee the availability or correctness of any Content and may remove it at any time. We determine the scheduling and cancellation policies of our Content at our own discretion.

Use of our Content. Hereby we permit users to use our Content solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. This permission is revocable, non-transferable, and non-assignable. You may not directly or indirectly copy, display, modify, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, use to create derivate works, broadcast, distribute, sell, or otherwise exploit any Content of our Platforms or from our Products and Services. You may not use any of our logos, trademarks, or tradenames without our prior written permission.

Third-party content. Some content appearing on our Platforms is owned by third parties, and licensed for our use. We do not transfer rights to third-party content in any way. For the use of third-party content, you must get a license from the third party directly.

Violating Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to prohibit the right to use or prevent access to our Platforms to users that violate these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account. We reserve the right to remove any user content from our Platform. We reserve the right to refuse to provide service. We may exercise these rights without notice, for any reason, at our discretion. You are responsible for any fines, fees, or penalties that may arise from violating these Terms.

Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, Supercharge design makes no warranties, expressed or implied. In no event shall we be liable for any consequential loss suffered or incurred by you arising from the use or inability to use this Platform and its Content. You may be responsible for our legal fees and costs arising out of your use of our Platform.

Availability. All Content on our Platforms is provided on an as-is and as-available basis. We make no warranties that our Platforms or Contents will be available at any given time on any given device. We may change, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of our Service at any time, without notice or liability.

Use. All use of our Platforms is at your own risk. We make no warranty that the Platform is free of viruses, harmful, or incompatible software that may damage the device on which you access the Platform or use our Content.

Accuracy. We make no warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability, applicability, completeness, timeliness, or usability of the Content or Service. We do not guarantee any performance or results from the use of our Content or Services. You assume the risks associated with any reliance on our Content, our Users Content, or third-party content on our Platforms.

No legal advice. This Platform and non of our Contents don’t offer legal advice, and shouldn’t be taken as one.

Third-party links. We are not liable for any content contained on any website that you may encounter when following a link to a third party. You are responsible for evaluating whether you want to access or use them and assume all the risks.

Limitations of damages. To the maximum extent permitted by law, in no event shall Supercharge Design, its licensors, licensees, affiliates or partners, or the officers, directors, shareholders, equity-holders, members, employees, agents or attorneys of same be liable for any special, punitive, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, any claims for damages arising from loss of use, loss of data, loss of profits, or any other such damages under any theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with the use of our Platforms, Content or Services.

Indemnification. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Supercharge Design, its licensors, licensees, affiliates or partners, and the officers, directors, shareholders, equity-holders, members, employees, agents or attorneys of same, from and against any claim arising from or related to your use of our Content, Services, Platforms, user’s content or third-parties involved.