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It’s sometimes hard to find like-minded individuals, focused on growth and personal development. Supercharge Design Community is a welcoming group of strong-minded creatives, limit-pushers, and can-doers that seek to level up their skills and knowledge just like you!

Seek answers to burning UX and UI questions

Our Slack and Instagram are safe places to ask tough questions! There’s always someone in our design community who went through the similar struggles you’re going through right now. Speak to product designers of all levels, and see helpful community members reply back with a swarm of great ideas and solutions.

Connect with a product design or research buddy

Find a buddy and team up for design tasks, projects, or collaborations. Get a fresh perspective, and put a stop to missing out on the self-imposed deadlines! Brainstorm and ideate together, build case studies, solve challenges, and so much more!

The easiest way to grow is when you have someone you know you can rely on. Someone who is on the same journey as you are. Practice teamwork and collaboration, hold each other accountable, compete with each other to boost your progress… You can even work on portfolio pieces together! Whatever you can do, it’s always better and merrier in a like-minded company!

Your future design partner might already be waiting for someone like you in our dedicated Slack Channel!