We help designers of all levels become better in product design

Walking through a journey probably quite similar to your own, our founders grew tired of unreliable, superficial, and scattered design learning resources. We made it our mission to incite the change in the industry.

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For designers, by designers

Experience the devotion that came from being in your shoes

It’s not a secret that there are many design resources available ranging from free to over-priced, about all kinds of design topics. Unfortunately, a lot of them are crafted by people without experience in either the design industry or teaching. Worst of all, most of them repeat the same basic points and tool tutorials.

We used to start a course after course, a book after book, and waste time on the same couple of facts that repeat in every available material. And yet it seemed like the problems we faced daily no one talked about. If that sounds familiar to you, you’re in the right place!

You shouldn’t have to worry about learning information that’s no longer relevant from unreliable sources.

Today, our mission is to tell you all the things we wish someone else told us and taught us. Learn efficiently, but thoroughly!

We believe that we can make the biggest impact in the world by sharing what we know and by allowing others to reach their full potential as product designers. We’re hoping this creates a ripple effect and helps make products all around the world more useful, more accessible, and more valuable!

With Supercharge Design you are not getting a couple of overpriced one-off courses. We are an ever-growing platform filled with specific, accessible, motivating, relevant, and tailored product design learning resources. And we are extremely happy to have you on board!

Product Design

Sharpen your hard skills effectively and with confidence


Learn how to grow, solve problems, and reach success

Soft Skills

Don’t neglect the essentials for your career development


Uncover what makes the products you design resonate

Resources that make the difference

We share the ins and outs of what makes a designer successful and sought-after

Get ready to awe your team and clients with your UX and UI processes and the results your designs achieve. A great product designer needs to be a reliable, empathic, and efficient problem-solver!

You can reach that goal by continuously consuming proper materials and growing through hands-on exercises. We take pride in seeing our students evolve immensely, surpassing their expectations. Join us on this exciting learning journey today!

Meet the team

We are Supercharge Design


With a decade of experience in the design industry, products Andrija helped design reached over 50M users worldwide. Besides design, he has extensive experience in teaching and mentoring. Andrija loves recognizing and nurturing potential in others. He channels his passion by leading the team behind Supercharge Design.


Jure started his journey as a marketeer, who switched to front-end development and design, and then to entrepreneurship. He has seen it all and is still craving to reach bigger goals and learn more. Having always had a special passion for knowledge and experience sharing, he decided to nurture it by co-founding Supercharge Design.


Dominik is an experienced product designer with an eye for innovative solutions and a desire to help others. Dominik’s goal is to lead by example and give back to the community of designers through mentoring, collaborating, and building long-lasting relationships.


Agata brings a breath of vibrant energy to our team as both community and office manager. Her knack for creating inviting and productive environments is unparalleled. She excels in organizing company gatherings and office, ensuring everyone feels valued. Agata’s approach to community management is rooted in empathy and open communication, aligned with our values as a team, making her an indispensable part of the Supercharge Design.


Antonio is a creative individual with a special passion for the people he’s designing for, digital products in general, and personal growth. He’s dedicated to establishing a good connection between the users and technologies by designing functional, usable, and accessible digital products.


It’s not about us, it’s about you! 👈

We’re here to boost like-minded individuals on their own route to success. Grow relevant skills at the right time, and supercharge your journey to becoming a superstar product designer!

Product Designers


Improve your existing skills, or quickly gain completely new ones

Design is not just something you do, it’s an extension of who you are. You think through and react to problems differently, and we’re here to help you become an even better version of yourself!

Career Changers


Transition into a product design role with confidence

You might already have certain responsibilities, so it’s not that easy to just jump ahead into a brand new career. We know how that feels, and we’re here to help you make that change with ease!