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Best Figma Plugins for Product Designers

Today, Figma is the leading interface design tool on the market because of its straightforwardness and features that support designers throughout the complete design process. It also offers the possibility for product designers to utilize Figma plugins and ease up most of the heavy lifting!

Figma Plugins exist to maximize the benefits of this already fantastic tool and to help you create splendid designs effortlessly. Read on to discover our choice of the best Figma Plugins for product designers that will simplify and transform the way you design!

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Iconify is a Figma plugin that offers more than 100 open-source SVG sets. It’s an excellent plugin because it allows you to effortlessly insert icons directly from Figma instead of copying them from other sources.

Iconify is also simple to use. In the Figma menu, select Plugins and then choose “Iconify.” From there, you can browse icons, and after you find the one, select it, click the “Import Icon” button or drag it to your Figma document. Et voila!


Say goodbye to decimals with the Round All Figma plugin!

This fantastic plugin lets you round everything (or your chosen selection) within your document to the following whole number while respecting numerical rules of rounding.

Frame Status

Frame Status is another one of the best Figma plugins for product designers. This plugin allows you to set the status of a particular screen in your project. Frame Status is highly beneficial when sending screens to your client for review.

Bonus benefit: you can select multiple screens simultaneously, and all screens will get their status marker.

Color Blind

This plugin is a must-have to achieve outstanding accessibility

The Color Blind plugin lets you preview your designs in the eight distinct color vision deficiencies. 

It’s also easy breezy to use it: first, make a selection. Then, the plugin will clone it and create different interpretations with changed colors representing various types of color blindness. 

Additionally, you can select to view only specific types of color blindness by checking the boxes in the plugin UI.


Sometimes, all your design needs is a blob! Luckily, there is a Figma plugin for that, too. 😉

With Blobs, you can create organic blob shapes with the click of a button! Every blob you generate is unique. You can also control the uniqueness by setting the number of its points.

Get Waves

When talking about the best Figma plugins for product designers, it would be madness not to mention Get Waves. This handy plugin will help you create one-of-a-kind waves every single time, wave after wave. 🌊

This Figma plugin allows you to select a curve, modify the complexity, and randomize. 🤯

Color Shades Kit

Color Shades Kit is an excellent HSL-color system-based plugin for when you want to expand your color wheel. It helps you generate numerous shades from the same base color. It also allows you to create color scales.

Content Reel

With Content Reel, you can design layouts more efficiently by pulling in text strings, images, and more! 

Content Reel Figma plugin helps you create custom content and share it with other Figma users.⁠ You can also browse through existing content to discover published text strings, images, or icons.

Map Maker

When you need to create a map in your design, Map Maker is your go-to savior plugin! With this plugin, you can create customized maps without any trouble.Use it by selecting any layer: Rectangle, Ellipse, or even Polygon, and then run Map Maker. This handy plugin currently supports Google Maps and Mapbox.⁠

Content Reel Figma Plugin

Map Maker Figma Plugin

Ease Isometric

The best Figma plugin for product designers who need isometric objects is Ease Isometric. This straightforward plugin also offers isometric transformation and movement of objects.

Image Tracer

Long gone are the days of complicated vectorization! With the Image Tracer Figma plugin, you’ll be able to trace black and white bitmap images and turn them into a vector layer without breaking the sweat.

Clear Guides

When you want to delete all guides on your frames quickly and effortlessly, use Clear Guides. If you select one or more frames, this cool plugin will clear the guides in those frames. If you select nothing, it will remove the guides on the current page. Select it from the Plugin menu to run this plugin, or follow this easy process: right-click > Plugins > Clear Guides.


Probably you’re already familiar with Unsplash, but what if we tell you there is an Unsplash Figma plugin that will make your design process even simpler? This handy plugin allows you to add astonishing imagery directly to your design. Easy as ABC!

UI Faces

UI Faces is a convenient plugin that lets you filter heaps of avatars by age, gender, and similar traits to create your perfect personas. You can also generate random avatars.

A quick tip: Before using it in a live project, make sure to⁠ check the source license!

Better Font Picker

One of the best Figma plugins for product designers is Better Font Picker. It lets you choose from 1000 different, pre-installed fonts. 

Sounds like nothing special? But wait; instead of being a plain list of fonts, it gives you a preview of how it looks. This convenient plugin comes from an open-source, but it shows only the list of installed fonts in your system. 

Unsplash Figma Plugin

Better Font Picker Figma Plugin

Change Font

Change Font is an excellent plugin for Figma and FigJam, which allows you to change the font in FigJam and Figma files using the quick actions search bar. The list of fonts within this plugin displays both Google Fonts and your local fonts.


The last but not the least Figma plugin on our list is Unipaste.

Let’s put it simply: when you need a symbol, Unipaste has it. 

This plugin offers more than 500 characters or glyphs from all categories. 

You can search for symbols, select favorites to keep them at your fingertips, and even perform direct text editing. 

Moreover, it is fully keyboard-controllable.


Here is our list of best Figma plugins for product designers! 

We hope you discovered some plugins you haven’t heard of before that will ease your design processes and alleviate some stress off your back.

If you know of a Figma plugin we haven’t mentioned, and you absolutely adore it, feel free to reach out and share it with us!

You can also comment on our Top 10 Figma Plugins Instagram post.

PS Follow us for heaps of valuable tips, tricks, and exciting discussions! 🤗

Thank you for reading! 📚

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