User Researcher’s Guide to Surveys

Learn everything about high-quality UX surveying in one sitting

Poorly designed UX surveys will introduce bias and errors into your data. Building a product on wrong findings could lead to a complete catastrophe. Learn how to avoid doing that!

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Can you trust your data?

Non-reliable data from poorly designed UX surveys jeopardizes the direction of the product

As designers, we create solutions based on the input we got beforehand or the data we collected during the design process. The validity of data we use as input is crucial for the direction in which the product will go, who it will serve, and with what exactly.

UX surveys are one of the seemingly most straightforward methods of UX research. Because of that perceived simplicity, a lot of designers don’t take the design of UX surveys seriously enough, and we witness wrongly set up questionnaires everywhere. Such UX surveys collect data that is next to useless, or worse — plainly wrong.

Educating on all components of a UX survey is what prevents using this simple but effective tool completely wrong.


The greatest time investment you can make is investing in learning and growing

This is for you if you…

  • You’re not sure if a UX survey is a suitable research option
  • You don’t know which type of UX survey to use
  • You don’t know what audience sample size is appropriate
  • You’re not sure how much of your UX research budget to use on UX surveys
  • You’re not sure what type of survey questions to use
  • You’re not sure how to create a UX survey
  • You’re not sure which incentives are appropriate for your specific UX research need
  • You don’t know which UX survey tools to use

What’s inside

All information about conducting high-quality UX surveys in one place

1. What is a survey?

2. Survey types

3. Plan your survey

  • Goal and hypothesis
  • Defining target audience
  • Sample sizes
  • Duration of surveys
  • Duration of research
  • Deadlines
  • Budget
  • Recruiting and incentives
  • Disclaimers

4. Create your survey

  • Survey questions
  • Mistakes to avoid

5. What comes after?

  • Follow up
  • Analysis

6. Bonus


You asked, we answered! ✋

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Make sure you’re getting the most out of each UX Survey you conduct

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