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UI design foundations

Kickstart your career in UI design by building solid UI foundations

Are you a beginner looking to start your journey into UI design? Or perhaps you’ve been self-learning for a while but aren’t quite confident you’ve grasped the basics?

Enroll in UI Design Foundations and get the comprehensive understanding you need to soar as a UI designer!

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SKIP THE uncertainty and frustration

Self-learning crucial skills can be a recipe for long-term issues

Learning UI design foundations by yourself can be quite overwhelming. It’s like setting sail without a compass.

UI design covers a wide range of concepts, principles, rules, ideas, best practices, tips, and more. Because of that, it’s often hard to find correct or clear explanations about why you should do something a certain way or what things you should really focus on.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, lost, or worse – misguided.

Learning from many different sources feels excessive, and inconsistent. It can lead you to outdated materials while instilling uncertainty and imposter syndrome. This can make you lose interest in UI design and even instill the wrong practices that are hard to correct later.

Questioning if you’re on the right track or if you missed a crucial piece of information is too common.

For a discipline as complex and evolving as UI design, having a structured, expert-led guide is not just beneficial – it’s essential. It sets you up for success!


I was a design teacher for more than 10 years at the university and have been working in design for more than 15. The course is excellent and very well structured.

Andrija speaks with a pleasant tone of voice at an adequate speed that does not bore or overwhelm. The length of the videos is great because they are short and concise so they don’t get you tired.

Is this you? 😱

  • Struggling to figure out what topics you should learn about
  • Unsure how to find reliable and comprehensive resources
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of information and endless tutorials
  • Having difficulty deciphering how different areas of UI design interconnect or why they are important
  • Feeling lost in design jargon
  • Can’t convert theory into practical user interface designs
  • Procrastinating and lacking motivation
  • Missing clarity and guidance

This should be you! 🤩

  • Enjoying a streamlined, expert-curated learning path
  • Following reliable and battle-tested learning resources
  • Building a solid grasp of UI design basics
  • Learning from an expert teacher and mentor who transfers knowledge in an effective and engaging way
  • Affirming all newly learned concepts for better knowledge retention
  • Savvy across devices and platforms
  • Applying theory to real-world UI designs effortlessly
  • Anchored with clear steps and lessons to follow to eliminate procrastination


UI Design Foundations

5 star rating

We’re proud to present the most streamlined and time-efficient guide to UI design basics.

UI Design Foundations is your introduction to UI design in the most effective, comprehensive, and engaging way possible. Start building your knowledge from the ground up and kickstart your UI design career.

This is your chance to get a head start and set yourself up for success by setting proper foundations.


I wish I had this course when I started learning UI/UX Design. It was so difficult for me to learn everything from hundreds of sources.

What’s inside

Your map to building a thorough expertise in UI design

3+ hours of video content

Follow along and build enviable UI design foundations

50+ practical lessons

Unlock the correct UI design mindset and clarity

Module quizzes

Validate your knowledge through thoughtfully crafted quizzes

Completion Certificate

Position yourself as a proactive learner with a credible certificate

Lifetime & COMMUNITY Access

Sharpen your skills by revisiting lessons and getting access to all future updates


Handy reminders, bonus files, and cheat sheets


Take a peek at the detailed list of topics included in the UI Design Foundations video course

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Real designers, real reviews


Verified Review

I can wholeheartedly say this is a game-changer. Concise yet comprehensive, it dives deep into the core of UI design, striking a perfect balance between theory and real-world application and assignments . The course approach ensures not only aesthetically pleasing designs but also ones that resonate and engage.


Verified Review

I was a design teacher for more than 10 years at the university and have been working in design for more than 15. The course is excellent and very well structured.Andrija speaks with a pleasant tone of voice at an adequate speed that does not bore or overwhelm. The length of the videos is great because they are short and concise so they don´t get you tired.The use of analogies to give examples is perfect and gives a good overview of the main aspects of UI design to be able to start designing or refresh knowledge if you are already a professional. Amazing work!


Verified Review

I wish I had this course when I started learning UI/UX Design. It was so difficult for me to learn everything from hundreds of sources. This course includes all the basics that are required to improve UI skills.It’s a complete value packed detailed resource to learn UI Design from best mentors!


Verified Review

As a professional with prior design experience, I found this course to be incredibly valuable, even for someone like me. It exceeded my expectations and provided a wealth of valuable insights. The course thoroughly covers all aspects of UX/UI design, starting from fundamental concepts and concluding with practical skills.

Interest, excellent content, and professional support are what make this course an excellent choice for those looking to learn UX/UI design. I would rate it as the perfect starting point for anyone seeking to excel in this field.


Verified Review

As a junior developer, I have no complaints whatsoever. I like how you delve into details, even though it’s supposed to be a beginner’s course. The English is refined to the maximum and clear enough that you don’t need subtitles at all. I even tried some things in Figma for the first time that I hadn’t seen on YouTube. All in all, for someone who really wants to dive into design with maximum detail as a beginner, this is it. There’s nothing better. Kudos to Andrija and the team working on this.


Verified Review

This UI design foundations course is a true gem, ideal for designers at all levels, but especially for beginners. It’s incredibly detailed, packed with valuable lessons and advanced tips. One of the highlights of this course is that it’s content is engaging and I was always eager to see what’s next 🤩. Overall, this course is a top-notch learning experience that you won’t want to miss out on! ✨


Verified Review

I really like the new cool intros in the videos, and the new storytelling kind of speaking is nice new touch! Also I love how the videos flow onto each other, the beginnings and endings, and speaking to the viewers. The lessons were clear and concrete – I loved how you connect things to the real world, making it easy to relate and understand. I liked the bullet point type of listings of the main points.

Andrija is a really great teacher! I am usually a person who doesn’t learn by listening, because I either get sleepy or drift to my own thoughts. However, Andrija’s way of teaching is very compelling and interesting!

Shravya Katapally

Verified Review

This course is perfect for beginners! Supercharge Design’s new UI Design Foundations course meticulously covers all the foundational principles & concepts you need to know about UI Design Theory in one comprehensive package. From design principles to colors, typography, and common UI elements, it’s a game-changer for self-taught UI/UX designers. I highly recommend it to anyone starting their journey in design. Five stars!


Verified Review

What I liked most about the “UI Design Foundations” course was its well-structured content and Andrija’s clear and engaging teaching style. The course provided a solid foundation in UI design, and I appreciated the practical insights and real-world examples throughout. It’s a fantastic resource for beginners and a valuable refresher for senior designers. Plus, the course materials were easy to access and navigate. Overall, a top-notch learning experience!. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to kickstart their UI design journey. It’s a game-changer! Thank you


Verified Review

Supercharge’s UI Design Foundation course is fantastic for designers of all levels. The course is well-made, easy to follow, and keeps you engaged. If you’re just starting, it teaches you all the UI design basics really well. And if you’re an experienced, it gives you fresh ideas and advanced tips. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get better at UI design.


Verified Review

This course exceeded all my expectations! It perfectly sums all topics needed to boost my growth as a designer. Andrija provided so much valuable information and kept me feeling motivated and excited throughout the whole course. I especially love the inspiring endings to lessons!


Verified Review

I loved every second of it!!! The course is engaging and knowledgeable, very easy to understand and covered all the basics necessary, Andrija’s pacing was great and impactful considering every one of us! The course covers UI Design Foundation in-depth, turning a beginner into an expert. Even if you have been designing for years, I can wholeheartedly say you can learn something from this course! you guys are the best .


Verified Review

What an excellent content and delivery. UI Design Foundations covers almost everything that you should know as a designer. Starting from basics to some core essentials, everything is covered very well. Great Job by the team and highly recommended course to learn about UI Design Foundations!!!🔥


Verified Review

The course was a great learning process, especially for me who didn’t study graphic design in school. It combines the fundamentals of graphic design and UI design. Overall, Andrija was a great mentor in the videos, and it doesn’t make you feel intimidated. 🙂

Frontiers of Design Education

Why enroll in this exact UI design video course?

Wondering why UI Design Foundations video course stands out among the multitude of other resources covering UI design basics?

Based on 10+ years of practical industry experience, years of teaching and mentoring experience, and extensive research, this course combines deep insights with practical knowledge. It was meticulously crafted by an industry-leading expert in UI, UX, and product design.

If you’re tired of low-quality resources that don’t cover all crucial UI design basics, if you’re frustrated by disorganized information, if you lack valuable and practical insights, if you’re avoiding poor teaching techniques, outdated content, and a lack of support and accountability – then you’ve come to the right place!

Unlike any other UI resource, UI Design Foundations takes an all-encompassing approach, providing extensive theoretical knowledge, practical demo videos, assignments, and premium bonus resources. From foundational concepts to practical tips and best practices that sometimes take years to master, it covers everything you need to kickstart your UI design journey.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive and practical learning experience addressing common beginner concerns. This video course is an efficient and proven shortcut to understanding all UI design basics.

Elevate the quality of the early UI designs you make. Advance your career immensely and – ultimately – earn more as an irreplaceable UX/UI designer.

Let UI Design Foundations exceed your expectations of online design education.


Hi, I’m Andrija!

10+ years of relevant experience

Design mentor and lecturer

Product design lead

Master’s degree in design

Top 3% of freelance product designers

Andrija has worked on 50+ digital products, from web and mobile apps to websites. His work improved the lives of 10M+ users worldwide.

He worked as a UX/UI designer at multiple product design agencies, the most prominent one being the NYC-based Five.

He is one of the top 3% of freelance UX/UI and product designers worldwide, according to an exclusive freelancing platform Toptal.

He has experience in hiring, mentoring, managing teams, building client relationships, and more. He held numerous talks about product design at conferences and meetups.

He focuses on developing product strategies, conducting user and market research, hosting design workshops, creating resonating user experiences, and designing delightful user interfaces.

Currently, he works as a CEO and a product design lead at Sharc and as a UX lecturer and team lead at Algebra, a rewarded educational institution and college in Croatia.


You asked, we answered! 📣


Andrija is a really great teacher! I am usually a person who doesn’t learn by listening, because I either get sleepy or drift to my own thoughts. However, Andrija’s way of teaching is very compelling and interesting!

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