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Examples of free CV templates for a UX/UI designer role and an email creation popup, asking for templates to be added.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • You waste a bunch of time creating design job application assets like CVs and motivation letters
  • You have a hard time thinking of what to include in your job application emails
  • You feel demotivated and exhausted while applying to design positions
  • You’re missing out on work opportunities because you want to create customized applications for each job ad, but it takes too much time

Apply to design jobs more efficiently

Create custom design job application assets with just a couple of clicks

All designers have at one point spent too much time planning, writing, designing, editing, pixel-pushing, and customizing their CVs. Uncertainty on what to include in your job applications, motivational letters, and emails is something familiar to all of us in the design world. You’re not alone!

But it all comes at a cost. I’ve personally missed out on some amazing opportunities because I just wasn’t in the mood for these tedious and time-consuming tasks.

It’s not like you’re doing it once. Twice. Or a few times.

Each and every job application requires time and dedication. And all of that for what? Crickets?

Design job application is one of the most daunting experiences I have ever had to go through. If you feel the same, keep reading because there is a simple solution for this…

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for your first design job or transitioning from a different field, crafting design job hunt application assets can be tiring, demotivating, and time-consuming.

After going through this myself and consulting other designers that had the same problem (it definitely happens to all of us), I’ve identified the most fundamental pieces necessary for going through job applications. And I templated them for you!

Save your time and energy for the fine-tuning that makes the difference! Spend more time on things that actually matter and focus on finding the right job posts for you. Let’s make the design job application process a lot less frustrating!

What’s included?

Free easily-editable job application templates bundled with tips & tricks and a walkthrough video

  • 10 minimalist and stunning resume templates with sneaky advice on how to best fill out all the sections and how to customize it to your level of experience
  • A pair of motivational letters with explanations on how to tailor each section and what to pay attention to
  • Open application email template that you can use to contact awesome companies that interest you even when they don’t have a job post active
  • Job application email template you can quickly customize and send alongside your application documents
  • Thank you email templates, different for each round of interviews to help you stand out amongst applicants with tips on how to adjust them with minimal effort, when to send them, and to whom
  • Follow-up email template you can send when the decision period is over but you haven’t heard from anyone. Let’s get that response with three clicks: copy, paste, and send!
  • Competitive offer follow-up email template for situations when you receive an offer from someone, but you would prefer a position in a different company
  • Everything mentioned above is neatly arranged in Figma’s life-saving auto-layouts to make those small modifications as easy as possible and your documents immediately ready for export
  • Numerous comprehensive and educational tips on how to best fill out design job hunt documents and emails

Spend your time polishing the details that matter and personalizing the applications to the job ads, instead of starting completely from scratch every single time. With these easy-to-use templates, you will never again spend more than a couple of minutes preparing your job application documentation and emails!

All the most important situations you can find yourself in while job searching are covered with this one free product! Once you have the access to this file, you will receive lifetime updates to all the templates.

If making your design job applications as seamless as possible sounds appealing – then be sure to download the free Design Job Hunt Templates!

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Verified Review

This is freaking awesome! I spent so much time trying to design my own CV. I think I made 20 different versions in a single week and none of them looked as good as this one! Man, I don’t know how to say things well in emails either…

But now, instead of spending 45 minutes writing an application email I just C/P your template emails into Gmail and change a word or two! And I’m done! This is a lifesaver!


Verified Review

I’ve been creating my design application documents in Illustrator since 2015. I went through multiple revisions in the meantime but each one took a lot of time and effort! These Figma templates increased my odds of getting a job since I was able to send out more applications with a lot less effort.

Design Job Hunt Templates resulted in more chances, and more chances meant I landed a job in less than a month. I honestly believe it would have taken me at least twice as long if I followed my old process and if I used my old assets. Thank you SO much!


Verified Review

Is there a chance you could make templates for other things too? I learned so much just from the tips! It’s so easy to fill in the blanks!

My secret hope is for this freebie to never take off – as I think these tips are golden and I want them to be my secret advantage – not everyone else’s! Sorry, not sorry!


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