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Business-smart Product Designer

Product design is not an art, but a part of the business. Boost your career by learning the language and thought processes of executives and clients.

Business-smart Product Designer book
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Learn how to approach phases in a product’s lifecycle

Earn more

Provide more value to both customers and businesses


Speak the language of clients and superiors


Create more impact by taking on more responsibility

Learn more to earn more

Become irreplaceable to the team, company, and clients

The purpose of product design is to satisfy users and achieve business objectives. Most of the designers stagnate because they focus on the former, and disregard the fact that both of these pillars are equally important.

To make clients and superiors happy and impose yourself as a valuable part of the team, you have to learn how to align design goals with the business goals of the project. Hence, you need to know how to speak with clients, which questions to ask them, which things to consider while designing, what to pay attention to, how to achieve business goals with design, how to communicate the decisions and trade-offs, how to advocate for the right decisions, and so much more.

Don’t stay behind because you don’t know these things. This book is your ticket to better results and a raise.

This is for you if you want to…

  • Learn how to design and keep the business strategy in mind
  • Design more successful products that bring in more revenue
  • Demonstrate maturity to your client, team, and boss
  • Get involved from the business strategy side of the projects
  • Increase your seniority and advance in your career
  • Gain the ability to view a bird’s-eye view of a project
  • Speak the language that resonates with clients and executives
  • Learn business terms and how they relate to design
  • Gain these crucial skills in one sitting instead of through years of experience

This is not for you if you are…

  • Not actively looking to advance further in your career
  • Already focusing on growing a particular set of design skills unrelated to business
  • Feeling like you are not prepared to take on more responsibilities
  • Still struggling a lot with other parts of the design process
  • Already working as a design team manager
  • An experienced business owner
  • Actively participating in strategy sessions with clients and you’ve perfected your workflow
  • Not planning on implementing the insights contained in this book

Design team leaders already know this

Why should you even bother with this as a designer?

If you don’t know how to craft designs that reach business objectives, your designs will get run over once they reach executives and clients. If they’re not convinced that your design will move the product towards their goals, they will impose changes that “ruin” your work.

It’s easier to articulate your product design decisions and make them resonate with clients and the product team once you know to speak their language. This easily-ignored skill can do wonders for your career and confidence!

  • You need to be able to get buy-in on your designs from anyone at the decision table
  • You need to understand and be able to explain the impact of your design decisions
  • You need to know how to explain the trade-offs that have been or can be made
  • You need to be able to craft products that provide enough value to users so that they convert to paying customers

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