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Empowering product and design teams to become more successful and efficient at UX, UI, and product design by sharing our expertise in specific, relevant, and motivating learning products

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I liked the practical examples and demos, as they are the best way to explain things and teach others the craft. The attached pdf materials are awesome and very helpful! I’ll use some of these while mentoring my teammates as a team lead.


Why is Supercharge Design the way to go?

Unlock your team’s full potential with reliable, 5-star-rated, premium educational products and courses

Introduction to Product Design is an engaging video course you can follow at your own pace.

Excel in UX/UI and product design

Our video courses are available wherever your team may be – at the office or in the comfort of their own homes. Embrace the flexibility of online learning and empower your team to learn at their own pace from validated, professional, inspiring, and efficient video courses made by industry experts.

Free up the time of your senior team members

It’s time to seamlessly integrate learning into your team. Our courses empower more junior members, ensuring minimal disruption to more senior members’ time. Mentoring lower-level teammates can take a lot of billable time from more senior members of the team – let’s optimize that!

You can learn about different types of digital product in our Introduction to the Product Design video course.
How to Learn Product Design workbook

Increase your employees’ satisfaction

Common education options like Coursera or Udemy have low-quality video courses and resources that rarely get watched in full. Take the entire team’s skills to the next level while simultaneously increasing your employees’ satisfaction by showing you’re serious about their growth.

Impress your clients and customers

It costs more to hire new people than it does to invest in your current team, and senior designers are hard to attract and even harder to retain. It’s time to create better and more efficiently designed products and impress your clients or customers by allowing your team to grow rapidly into design masters.

Product design topics
Focus points of product design in the Introduction to Product Design course.

Empower non-designer teammates

Developers, project managers, QA team, and similar non-design roles have a hard time “speaking design”. Empower non-designers to give better feedback and speak “design” fluently by teaching them core design skills and the right mindset in an easily digestible way.

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Verified Review

I loved the masterclass! It starts with basic things, covering even some unexpected topics like the short history of typography, all the way to practical examples and detailed analyses of other designers’ work and actual websites. I especially liked the practical examples and demos, as they are the best way to explain things and teach others the craft.

Also, the attached pdf materials are awesome and very helpful! Don’t be mad, but I’ll use some of these while mentoring my teammates as a team lead. Practical Typography and Type Mastery modules are stellar! I watched Type Mastery twice because it was so good!


Verified Review

WAU WAU WAU! Like, really, again, you blew my mind! 
As a tester, I did not have time to go through all lessons; but I’ve checked the crucial parts. And the result – I want this course to buy NOW!
I’ve checked parts about constraints, auto-layout, grids, and teamwork. And I love them, I need them, and I did not find any issues at all. In part about grids, the dividing among grids for mobile, desktop, and tables is fabulous. There is a slight difference, but everything is in one place, and I haven’t been confused. Those are big plus points. Layout examples and tips and tricks were blowing my mind.
And the part about how to organize Figma, tips about sharing with your team, and thumbnails are absolutely fantastic. Straightfoward, no sauce around, practical, and advanced, but even a beginner can get the point.

Ana Adrić

Verified Review

The course is fully understandable, interesting, comprehensive, and practical to follow. The lecturer is friendly, and his narrative is approachable – both with introductory greetings and during explanations. You don’t feel like you’re attending a lecture; instead, it feels like you’re hanging out, absorbing, enjoying, and acquiring knowledge. The quiz at the end of each module is extremely useful and fun, summarizing the module and serving as an excellent reminder of everything covered. You mentioned that the emphasis in creating your products is on quality, and that’s clearly evident. YOU’RE AWESOME!


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