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What is the 3 color rule in UI?

The “3 color rule” in UI design is a guideline that helps create a visually appealing and coherent interface by limiting the palette to three main colors. This approach simplifies design decisions, improves user experience, and ensures consistency throughout the interface.

Interior of a living room representing three color rule

The three colors typically include

  • Primary color: This is the main color associated with your brand or product, used most dominantly throughout the UI. It should reflect your brand identity and be used for key elements like navigation bars, buttons, and links to draw attention and provide consistency.
  • Secondary color: This color complements the primary color and is used for secondary elements in the UI. It provides contrast and hierarchy, helping to differentiate between different sections or elements without overwhelming the user. The secondary color is usually a less dominant shade that still aligns with the overall design and brand palette.
  • Accent color: Used sparingly, the accent color is meant to highlight important actions or information, such as call-to-action buttons or alerts. This color should stand out against both the primary and secondary colors to draw the user’s attention to specific areas or functions.

Adhering to the 3 color rule helps maintain visual balance and harmony in the design, making the interface more intuitive and pleasant for users. This principle is central to creating effective and aesthetically pleasing UIs and is a fundamental concept in color theory for design.

How to understand and apply the 3 color rule effectively?

The Ultimate UI Colors Masterclass course could be an excellent resource for those looking to understand and apply the 3 color rule effectively in their projects. By enrolling in the masterclass, designers can learn how to select appropriate colors, combine them effectively, and apply them across various elements and components to create engaging and cohesive user interfaces. This deeper understanding can empower designers to make informed decisions, enhancing the overall user experience and elevating the quality of their design projects.

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