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5 star rating

5-star rating

5 hours of
video content

10+ bonuses and cheatsheets

excellent 5-star student rating

10+ exclusive discounts (tools, typefaces)

practical assignments and quizzes

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Are your UI typography skills hurting your career?

Are you struggling with choosing fonts? Can you pair typefaces together well? Do you know how to create balanced and cohesive paragraphs?

Do type classifications confuse you? Is figuring out a typeface’s personality a chore you avoid? Does typography improve or hurt your designs?

One of the easiest ways to differentiate a junior from a pro is through a quick look at their typography. If you can’t fluently speak the language of type, you can’t advance towards more senior positions.


This course is a goldmine! It is really packed. I came to understand so much about typography. I love how organized the topics are, and the assignments make everything interactive. I highly recommend this, not just to beginners but also pros in the design field.

Is this you? 😱

  • Stressing about making typography mistakes
  • Working without a clear type structure in place
  • Unsure how to choose and pair typefaces
  • Unable to articulate your design decisions
  • Lacking work opportunities and confidence
  • Spending hours on choosing fonts
  • Feeling discouraged about your visual design skills
  • Feeling like an imposter
  • Learning from materials that miss depth, aren’t practical, and focus too much on graphic design

This should be you! 🤩

  • Confident in all typography decisions you made
  • Having an easy-to-follow, structured process in place
  • Choosing typefaces without breaking a sweat
  • Pairing typefaces in a matter of minutes, not hours
  • Articulating the rationale behind your design decisions with ease
  • Knowing how to approach the typography for any kind of design project
  • Getting compliments from teammates and clients
  • Feeling empowered about your visual design skills
  • Teaching others how to improve their typography


The Ultimate UI
Typography Masterclass

5 star rating

It’s your chance to get a hundred steps ahead of your colleagues in just 5 hours.

This UI typography video course is the most comprehensive course about typography on the market created specifically for UI designers, UX designers, and product designers.

It contains absolutely everything, and more, that designers need to know to work effectively with type. Let’s start your transformation into a master of typography and a better design professional in general.


Get ahead of other designers by learning from the best

UI design is nothing without typography.

Typography is the backbone of everything you’ve created as a designer. It acts as a foundation of every UI design. It provides the structure of the entire user interface.

Mastering the UI typography skill takes years. But, with proper guidance and an expert showing you the way, you can get there so much faster – are you ready to take that step?

Grid of stillshots from videos from the Advanced Figma Video Course, images show a teacher, and Figma interface.

Majority of UI design screens mean nothing without typography


Definitely a great start for beginners/juniors, and a great way to enrich our skillset as mid-level/senior designers as well!

It’s like a dictionary that you can open anytime you have a question while working on something!

What’s inside

You need just one high-quality resource that will supercharge your UI typography skills


Follow along and build enviable typography skills


Learn how to think like a senior designer and mentor


Affirm your knowledge with challenging quizzes


Practice and improve skills with inspiring assignments


Position yourself as a typography pro with a credible certificate


Revisit lessons with time, and get access to all future updates


Encouraging, diverse, humble, and friendly design community


Handy reminders, cheat sheets, and questionnaires


5-star-rated UI Typography Kit for free

👇 All of these are included with your purhcase 👇

File from The Ultimate Typography Kit: Excellent UI Typefaces

Excellent UI Typefaces


File from The Ultimate Typography Kit: Reliable UI Type Pairings

Reliable UI Type Pairings


File from The Ultimate Typography Kit: Typography Kickstart File (Figma Logo)

Typography Kickstart File


File from The Ultimate Typography Kit: Superior Type Foundries

Superior Type Foundries


File from The Ultimate Typography Kit: All About Typography

All About Typogarphy


File from The Ultimate Typography Kit: Typeface Notion Table

Typeface Notion Table



Say goodbye to…

…scattered resources 😖

This UI typography video course provides everything you need to master typography and become a true design professional

…imposter syndrome 🫣

Gain confidence in your design decisions and typography skills after learning by doing from a professional designer and mentor

…impractical information 🤯

Foundations are a must, but you won’t be left with just theory – we put a huge accent on practical tips and UI typography skills

Hello, type mastery!

Are you ready to become irreversibly better in all aspects of your design career? Are you ready to invoke envy from other designers? Yes, you are. That’s why you’re here. Let’s get you started!

Massive shortcut

over the majority of other designers struggling with type

Higher rates

achieve better results and designs in less time

Enviable skills

upgrade your design career and visual skills

Improved confidence

approach any kind of project with a proven system

Pure efficiency

optimized and tested approach to UI typography

Time-saving resources

advantageous bonuses, PDFs, and cheet sheats


Take a peek at the detailed list of topics included in The Ultimate UI Typography Masterclass

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Real designers, real reviews


Verified Review

This course is a goldmine! It is really packed. I came to understand so much about typography. I love how organized the topics are, and the assignments make everything interactive. I highly recommend this, not just to beginners but also pros in the design field.


Verified Review

I loved the masterclass! It starts with basic things, covering even some unexpected topics like the short history of typography, all the way to practical examples and detailed analyses of other designers’ work and actual websites. I especially liked the practical examples and demos, as they are the best way to explain things and teach others the craft.

Also, the attached pdf materials are awesome and very helpful! Don’t be mad, but I’ll use some of these while mentoring my teammates as a team lead. Practical Typography and Type Mastery modules are stellar! I watched Type Mastery twice because it was so good!


Verified Review

Typography is the most important part of our daily life. It can make or destroy a user’s mood. That’s why, all web developers, web engineers, product designers, UI/UX designers, & graphic designers should learn typography as it is the most crucial thing!

This typography masterclass is the best thing you can invest in as a professional or a student! It helped me learn alot about typography. Plus, course assignments and quizzes helped me implement my learning on the point which made me understand everything easily.

I’m already seeing improvements in my designs after taking this course. I’ve got a vast idea of how to combine different typefaces and use them aesthetically.
Best thing about this course is assignments, quizzes and other helping material and bonus files which are like cherry on top, and made learning about typography so easy which actually isn’t! I’ve done many courses but most of the time I get confused how and where to practice what I’ve learned but those quizzes and assignments made it easy for me.

I’ve completed the masterclass thoroughly and it has helped me alot!


Verified Review

The Ultimate UI Typography Masterclass is the train of thought of The Ultimate Typography UI Kit. I have the kit and this course is explaining all the history, the type classifications, and all reasoning behind how things are organized. I love that the masterclass is not only explaining the general typography, but it’s going into detail like commas, apostrophes, bullet points, and text positioning as well.

Definitely a great start for beginners/juniors, and a great way to enrich our skillset as mid-level/senior designers as well. It’s like a dictionary you can open anytime you have a question while working on something! Great job Supercharge design team! ⚡


Verified Review

Whoa! What an incredible job! 💯 I can proudly say “this is the best typography masterclass course I have ever had.”

I really loved the techniques Andrija showed with his experience. it’s a next-level knowledge experience for me.

After testing the masterclass, I can confidently say that it was an incredibly valuable experience. Andrija’s in-depth knowledge of typography, combined with your passion for teaching, made the material engaging and easy to understand. Your explanations were extremely clear and concise.

The course was comprehensive and covered everything from the basics of typography to more advanced techniques. I particularly appreciate the real-world examples you provided, which helped to bring the concepts to life and make them more relevant.


Verified Review

I loved every second of it! it was perfect! I learned so so soooo much from you in just a few hours! So many tips and best practices! I was in doubt if I should buy blindly, when offered to buy and test, but you never disappointed me before. Always exceeding my expectations! Amazing and thank you!


Verified Review

Andria did it best & the teaching skills are next level! If you are looking for a comprehensive and engaging typographic course, look no further! Recommended not just to beginners but also to intermediate folks! Happy learning!


Verified Review

Outstanding course to learn everything you need about typography for UI design. I found it easy to follow, very educational and complete. You can easily follow it if you’re just starting to learn about typography, but there is also a lot to learn for non-beginners. Video lessons are clear and helpful and the additional materials/downloadables are something I can see myself using for a long time.


Verified Review

I had a chance to be one of the first ones to get enrolled in this course and it’s one of the best and most knowledgeable course on typography – covering everything from the basics to pro! Andrija thoroughly explains everything while using simple language to clear all doubts. The course covers typography in-depth, turning a beginner into an expert.


Verified Review

If I could give you 10 stars, I would ☺️ This was amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge selflessly, for not gatekeeping all the information and tips that make a professional. This was a very well rounded experience, from practical to theory, typography, UI and additional tips. I know this will increase the competition in our field 😂


Verified Review

One of the things I loved about this course is how it breaks down the principles of typography in a way that’s easy to understand, even for beginners. The instructor provides clear explanations and real-world examples that help illustrate the concepts and make them more relatable.

Overall, I highly recommend “The Ultimate UI Typography Masterclass” to anyone who wants to improve their design skills and create interfaces that are both functional and beautiful. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, this course is sure to provide valuable insights and take your design skills to the next level.


Verified Review

This masterclass helped me understand best practices for using type. The instructor was immensely knowledgeable and articulate, making each lesson understandable with additional visual examples. I would definitely recommend this class to others, and I look forward to taking more of them here in the future.


Verified Review

Andrija and the team, I want to say that this changed the game for me. I am new designer after this, and I don’t say that lightly! I can’t say enough thanks 🙇‍♀️ This will be a huge thing for my career, thank you


Verified Review

Typography masterclass taught me that I know nothing, but made me want to know everything there is about type.

It also made me realize why all the little nuances matter and how it will affect future users in my designs. The course was filled with information applicable to industry which helped push me and my designs in the right direction to become a successful professional.


Verified Review

Every time someone say “this is the best” I’m sceptical. My ego says this hard, but this really is the best typography course. I learned more from this than from my college. Andrija, hands down to you man


Verified Review

Unlock the power of typography and take your design skills to the next level with The Ultimate UI Typography Masterclass.

This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to create visually stunning and effective designs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, this course is guaranteed to enhance your typography skills and boost your chances of converting your audience. Enroll now and see the difference it can make to your designs!


Verified Review

Excellent, grounded, and engaging masterclass, that covers basically everything I wanted to enlighten for myself about typography in UI. It gives fundamentals as well as real practices.

Supercharge team, I really like your products, guys! They are created with skills, passion & soul ❤️⚡️💫

What’s most priceless is the option to look at how Andrija is building the typography and design processes. Thank you so much, it’s a really nice masterclass! ❤️🤩😊


Verified Review

This is really an ultimate typography class! It covered so many different topics, the graphical part, UI and UX. Thank you!


Why enroll in this exact UI typography video course?

There are plenty of free and paid typography resources out there. What makes this one the best?

The Ultimate UI Typography Masterclass is based on both exhaustive research of available learning materials on the market and 10+ years of relevant industry experience.

If you are tired of low-quality, insufficient resources filled with impractical tips oriented only towards graphic design; if you’re frustrated with disorganized information, lack of high-quality insights, poor teaching techniques, outdated information, no support, and no accountability – you’re at the right place.

Not a single typography resource on the market takes an end-to-end approach to teaching typography. Everything from foundations to practical tips and best practices that take years to master – it’s all inside!

The Ultimate UI Typography Masterclass addresses every single one of your concerns to make your learning experience an immersive and a practical one. This UI typography video course is an efficient and proven shortcut to typography mastery.

Elevate your design quality. Advance your career immensely with ease, and ultimately – earn more as an irreplaceable UX/UI designer.

Let The Ultimate UI Typography Masterclass exceed your expectations of online design education.


Hi, I’m Andrija!

10+ years of relevant experience

Design mentor and lecturer

Product design lead

Master’s degree in design

Top 3% of freelance product designers

Andrija has worked on 50+ digital products, from web and mobile apps to websites. His work improved the lives of 10M+ users worldwide.

He worked as a UX/UI designer at multiple product design agencies, the most prominent one being the NYC-based Five.

He is one of the top 3% of freelance UX/UI and product designers worldwide, according to an exclusive freelancing platform Toptal.

He has experience in hiring, mentoring, managing teams, building client relationships, and more. He held numerous talks about product design at conferences and meetups.

He focuses on developing product strategies, conducting user and market research, hosting design workshops, creating resonating user experiences, and designing delightful user interfaces.

Currently, he works as a CEO and a product design lead at Sharc and as a UX lecturer and team lead at Algebra, a rewarded educational institution and college in Croatia.


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