Figma Video Courses

Get up to speed with the world’s most powerful design tool

There’s no better place to start learning design than starting from the most popular design tool out there! Learn by doing and kickstart or level up your Figma knowledge.

A design tool to rule them all

There are no workarounds, thorough Figma knowledge is a must for any UX/UI and product designer!

Today’s design industry is ruled by Figma, and for a good reason. It became synonymous as a design tool in the most lucrative design markets – the EU and US.

In a UX Tools survey conducted in 2021 with over 3000 responders from 111 countries, Figma was a top-rated design tool, used as a primary design tool by 77% of all responders.

Figma’s domination was asserted through efficiency, collaborative options, support for multiple platforms and operating systems, responsiveness, and many other crucial attributes.


into a Figma professional


advice and guidance


and learn by doing

Gain confidence

in your Figma knowledge


of all common workflows

Tips and tricks

with practical application

From zero to hero – what you’ll learn

Get started with Figma or level-up your Figma knowledge

Beginner Figma Video Course


If you’re looking to kickstart your design journey or you’re not a designer but would love to know how to use Figma, our Beginner Figma Video Course is the perfect starting place.

It covers all aspects of efficient work in Figma, starting from the very fundamentals, alongside a few advanced tips and tricks of power-users.

Advanced Figma Video Course


In the Advanced Figma Video Course, you will learn how to use Figma to create real-life design projects. It contains numerous examples, expert tips, shortcuts, and workarounds that will make your life as a designer a breeze.

From auto-layout to components and design system tips – it’s all there!

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Watch over a senior designer’s shoulder

Follow along as a senior product designer and educator dissects all crucial elements of Figma’s interface

We believe in learning by doing. This is not a theoretical course where you sit back and enjoy your popcorn. You will have to roll up your sleeves and follow along! Our Advanced Figma Video Course will contain additional homework assignments that will help you build your Figma skills. It’s as practical as courses get!

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