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There’s no better place to start learning design than starting from the most popular design tool out there! Learn by doing and kickstart or level up your Figma knowledge.

It’s worth investing in learning your most important tool

Efficient Figma use skyrockets your efficiency, design quality, enables faster career growth and higher earnings

Figma is a complex and powerful tool that can do so much — if you know how to use it properly. Unfortunately, the majority of Figma users don’t even comprehend or utilize the total capacity of Figma.

There’s a massive gap between efficient and non-efficient workflows in Figma. The design work consists of many multi-step processes and often comes with continuous iterations – all of which can quickly turn into daunting manual labor and frustration if your understanding of the tool is lacking.

Just imagine going through 300+ screens you’ve designed, looking for all the buttons, and changing one small thing about them, instead of changing it all at once. Imagine going through a 10-step process to create something, instead of doing it in just 3 steps. Imagine the infinitely long search to find ready-to-use elements that fit your design style instead of easily and quickly designing custom elements from scratch.

Also, design system scalability depends on how it’s set up from the beginning. Nested auto-layouts won’t behave as intended if you’re not fully aware of what you’re doing. Most people don’t exploit the full potential of layers, styles, grids, components, or variants and aren’t comfortable with prototyping and animations. They also spend hours searching for just the right illustrations or photos instead of customizing them to fit the project directly inside Figma.

The difference in workflows between properly educated Figma users, and others, is overwhelming. It pours into efficiency, productivity, work quality, and work satisfaction.

Surely you can find all kinds of resources online, but going through multiple questionably reliable and incomplete content sources is why you’re here. It’s time-consuming, tiring, full of uncertainty, or worse – it can lead to instilling wrong practices that are hard to correct later on.

It’s much easier and strategically wiser to invest in sparing yourself headaches, time-wasting, and enrolling in a practical, easy, and fun course that leaves no stone unturned and transforms you into a Figma know-it-all.

This is the shortest route to take you exactly where you’re going — towards becoming a high-paid design star.

Let’s make your Figma game unforgettable.

From zero to hero – what you’ll learn

Get started with Figma or level-up your Figma knowledge

Beginner Figma Video Course

If you’re just kickstarting your design journey, our Beginner Figma Video Course is the perfect starting place.

It builds your Figma knowledge from the ground up, feature by feature, step by step, and covers all the most important aspects of efficient work in Figma.

Gain comprehensive Figma knowledge and set stellar foundations for your design future.

Advanced Figma Video Course

Advanced Figma Video course is the most thorough online course that will teach you all the advanced uses of Figma.

This course targets all the biggest struggles, concerns, and pitfalls and transforms you into a Figma ace.

Get an efficient and proven shortcut to the structured and exhaustive Figma mastery you need to increase your design productivity, quality, immensely advance your career, and ultimately earn more.


Verified Review

This Beginner Figma video course covers almost everything required for a UI/UX Designer. Everything is explained properly and separately. It’s a must-have course to enhance your skills.


Verified Review

I must say that Supercharge really did a good job on this one. They never disappoint. Andrija was terrific in the ways he made explanations so simple and plain to understand. This is actually a course that will help many who want more out of Figma, and UI/UX at large.


Verified Review

I think the course is easy to understand, and you cover pretty much everything a Figma Newby needs to know! I wish I had this course when I started learning Figma. I liked that the videos have subtitles, and I also liked that the course includes assignments. Looking forward to the advanced Figma course!


Verified Review

Very thorough course for Figma beginners! I like that you touch on FigJam and the collaboration features of Figma. I feel ready to jump in and start working on portfolio projects now!


Verified Review

HOLY CRAP, I LOVE IT! 🤩 During my journey, I’ve attended so many courses about Figma. And honestly, this one is the best so far. All explained into deep but still, no sauce around. Straight to the thing. Lots of examples and step-by-step guides for each part. Even though I know a lot about how to use Figma, I will return to details about grids and auto-layout. And the shortcut list is fantastic! All of them are in one place. I’ve tried really hard to find some cons. But there are only pros 🤣 So summary recommended to all. I’ve already sent the link about the upcoming course to some of my friends trying to get into UX. Great job, and I cannot wait for the advanced Figma course 👌


Verified Review

Overall the tutorial was really great for beginners and I liked all the videos the way they were explained , Andrija was really good in his teaching , was very clear about all the topics covered. There is nothing to be disliked about the tutorial. Waiting for advanced one!


Verified Review

Ummm, If I say this was the best course I ever enrolled into, it won’t be wrong!I got to learn so many new things which I never knew existed in Figma. I am already a UI/UX designer but after taking this course it feels like I didn’t know many things that would have made my design process faster, smoother and better. I wanted a course that would teach me everything about UI/UX Design like auto-layout, prototyping, components and variants, use of grids, and design systems, and here we are. This course helped me gain so much knowledge that I required to excel in my field. I would strongly suggest everyone to take this course to gain knowledge and learn almost everything related to Figma and UI/UX Design.It’s a must-have course for beginners and mid-level designers who want to learn UI/UX design fast.

I just wanted to let you know that you guys have helped me a lot in my UI/UX Design journey. If I’m confident with my skill today, it’s all because of Supercharge Design. I’ve completed 70% course within 6 days, and I’m extremely happy and satisfied with Advanced Figma course. I can guarantee it has helped me a lot in learning so many important things related to UI/UX Design, which I was doing wrong previously or didn’t even knew. It’s not only a Figma course but Andrija also taught UI/UX Design along with it. I’m a non-native English speaker but it was easily understandable for me. Lastly, This course covers almost all the important topics one needs to learn before starting his/her UI/UX Design career so it’s a must-have course.


Verified Review

I like the content and the topic so well put and well explained! Kudos! I can definitely see that this is for Intermediate/Advanced rather than beginner designers. I love that you provide the prototyping part, tips & tricks to handover, organised, and naming system too! A complete guidance for the designer for sure! Not only for freelance designer, but for in-house designer too!


Verified Review

I loved every part of it! This course was really fun, not some dull presentation of what Figma can do. What I liked most was that it was charged with some extra information that you would hardly read anywhere like the nudge amount, why to fix it to 8, understanding the hierarchy of elements and why it’s better to place elements into a frame rather than to group them, how to use grids… And mindblowing bonuses! 100 Figma plugins and shortcuts and a video where Andrija created a mobile app frame and while doing it, seasoned it with tons of useful tips. Real treasure! Can’t wait to start the Advanced Course.


Verified Review

I love when teachers mix their experiences with knowledge, and Andrija certainly nailed that part, the detailed explanations and the approach to certain things I don’t think I will find in any other Figma courses. This course offers more than Figma tool knowledge, and I can easily say this is one of the best courses I have ever taken. The subject-wise course covers everything.

Figma mastery — the right way

Why take these exact Figma Video Courses

There are numerous free and paid Figma courses out there. So why should you take these exact courses?

In each and every one of Figma learning materials, you came across something from this list: low quality, incomplete coverage of functionalities, disorganized information, lack of explanations and insights, poor teaching techniques, incomprehensible, not possible to follow, not updated with the newest version of Figma, lack of practical examples and applications, no assignments or exercises, no solutions to assignments, no support, no accountability, no certificate, no money-back guarantee.

Not a single Figma resource out there takes an end-to-end approach to teaching Figma.

Beginner and Advanced Figma Video Courses address every single one of your concerns to take your learning experience and outcomes to another whole level.

These courses are an efficent and proven shortcut to the structured and exhaustive Figma knowledge you need to elevate your design productivity, quality, immensely advance your career, and ultimately earn more.

Let Beginner and Advanced Figma Video Courses exceed your expectations for design education.


You asked, we answered! ✋

Are you ready to supercharge your design career?

Figma mastery and new career highs are within your reach.

Are you ready to take off? 🚀

Beginner Figma Video Course

$39 inclusive of VAT, if applicable
€ 35.66 inclusive of VAT, if applicable
  • 4+ hours of high-quality video lesson
  • 40+ comprehensive lessons
  • Practical assignments and solutions
  • Completion certificate
  • Lifetime access and updates
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • BONUS 40-min long “Watch Me Design: Mobile App Screen” Video
  • BONUS FigJam Basics Video
  • BONUS 100+ Must-know Figma Shortcuts PDF
  • BONUS 100+ Must-have Figma Plugins PDF

Advanced Figma Video Course

$169 inclusive of VAT, if applicable
€ 154.52 inclusive of VAT, if applicable
  • 10+ hours of practical videos
  • 100+ value-packed lessons
  • 10+ knowledge-affirming assignments
  • Accompanying solutions
  • Completion certificate
  • Lifetime access and updates
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • BONUS Original Figma file from the course
  • BONUS Frame & grid templates
  • BONUS 100+ must-know shortcuts PDF
  • BONUS 100+ must-have plugins PDF

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