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Figma is a complex and powerful tool that can do so much — if you know how to use it properly.

There’s a huge gap between efficient and non-efficient workflows in Figma. The design work consists of many multi-step processes and often comes with continuous iterations – all of which can quickly turn into daunting manual labor and frustration if your fundamental understanding of the tool is lacking.

Just imagine going through 300+ screens you’ve designed, looking for all the buttons, and changing one small thing about them, instead of changing it all at once. Imagine going through a 10-step process to create something, instead of doing it in just 3 steps. Imagine the infinitely long search to find ready-to-use elements that fit your design style instead of easily and quickly designing custom elements from scratch.

The difference in workflows between properly educated Figma users, and others, is overwhelming. It pours into their efficiency, productivity, work quality, and work satisfaction.

Another problematic thing about a majority of Figma users is that they don’t know where to start when breaking into this new field. Even when they do – they never have firm confidence in their knowledge.

Learning resources are scattered on different platforms, the tutors don’t have real industry knowledge, or they don’t have experience teaching, and the materials just feel incomplete. It instills an ever-lasting wondering. Did I learn everything? Am I using Figma in the best possible way?

Beginner Figma Video Course can help you avoid all of that!

This might be you 😅

  • You want to be a Figma power user
  • You don’t know how to start learning Figma
  • You started learning Figma, but you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your progress
  • You use Figma, but you don’t know if you’re using it in the most efficient way
  • You want to confidently use each Figma feature

This should be you 💪

  • You’re learning the ins and outs of this powerful design tool with expert and relevant guidance
  • You feel confident in your knowledge and in the materials you’re learning from
  • You’re gaining structured knowledge, optimized for efficient Figma use


Beginner Figma Video Course

Beginner Figma Video Course is a remarkably thorough online video course that will help you start designing immediately.

This course was made with you in mind.

You can start without any prior skills, and you will learn the basics of Figma step-by-step. This course is as easy and as efficient as it gets. Gain comprehensive Figma knowledge and set stellar foundations for your design future.

Figma proficiency and confidence await you in this value-packed video course.

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What’s inside

Go from a newbie to a proficient and confident Figma user

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Join and get access to

  • 4+ hours of high-quality video lessons chunked up into 40+ comprehensive lessons
  • practical assignments and recorded solutions to affirm your knowledge
  • 100+ Must-have Figma Plugins to supercharge your Figma workflows
  • 100+ Must-know Figma Shortcuts to use Figma’s features faster
  • FigJam Basics video teaching you how to brainstorm and workshop effectively
  • 40-min long “Watch Me Design: Mobile App Screen” video to see all the knowledge you learned about applied to a real-life scenario
  • lifetime access and updates
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
Image contains the mockup preview of the bonus "100+ Must-have Figma Plugins" with some sample pages behind it.

Free bonus #1

100+ Must-have Figma Plugins

Plugins will make your Figma workflows even more powerful because they enable additional actions that are not built in Figma by default. Don’t look around for high-quality plugins. This list consists of tested plugins we use daily!

Image contains the mockup preview of the bonus "100+ Must-know Figma Shortcuts" with some sample pages behind it.

Free bonus #2

100+ Must-know Figma Shortcuts

Shortcuts will speed up your workflow and make you even more efficient. Getting a grasp of so many shortcuts will be a lot easier with our list at your disposal at all times!

Image contains screenshot of a 40-min long bonus video "Watch Me Design: Mobile App Screen"

Free bonus #3

Watch Me Design: Mobile App Screen

Watch how a senior designer uses Figma and applies all the knowledge you learned in the course. Follow along to affirm your knowledge and create your first Mobile App Screen.

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Take a peek at the detailed list of topics included in the Beginner Figma Video Course

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Why Figma?


What is UX/UI design?


How to get the most out of the course?

Pricing Options and Download


Starter Plan Limitations


Main Interface


Working with Projects


File and View Settings


Menu Options


Layers, Groups and Frames




Boolean Operations




Pen Tool




Chapter Assignment

Chapter Assignment Solution




Width and Height


Rotation, Border Radius and Right Click


Additional Options Based on Shape Selected


Lines, Opacity and Stroke Settings


Type Settings


Colors, Fills, Imagery and Blend Modes


Text Styles


Grids and Layouts




Auto-layout Basics


Chapter Assignment

Chapter Assignment Solution


Collaboration and Comments


Multiple Designers Demo


Inspect Panel




Version History


Figma Community




Prototyping Basics




Additional Menu Options, Alignment and Distribution


100+ Must-have Figma Plugins

100+ Must-know Figma Shortcuts

FigJam Basics


Watch Me Design: Mobile App Screen


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Completion Certificate

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Verified Review

This Beginner Figma video course covers almost everything required for a UI/UX Designer. Everything is explained properly and separately. It’s a must-have course to enhance your skills.


Verified Review

I think the course is easy to understand, and you cover pretty much everything a Figma Newby needs to know! I wish I had this course when I started learning Figma. I liked that the videos have subtitles, and I also liked that the course includes assignments. Looking forward to the advanced Figma course!


Verified Review

Very thorough course for Figma beginners! I like that you touch on FigJam and the collaboration features of Figma. I feel ready to jump in and start working on portfolio projects now!


Verified Review

I loved every part of it! This course was really fun, not some dull presentation of what Figma can do. What I liked most was that it was charged with some extra information that you would hardly read anywhere like the nudge amount, why to fix it to 8, understanding the hierarchy of elements and why it’s better to place elements into a frame rather than to group them, how to use grids… And mindblowing bonuses! 100 Figma plugins and shortcuts and a video where Andrija created a mobile app frame and while doing it, seasoned it with tons of useful tips. Real treasure! Can’t wait to start the Advanced Course.


Verified Review

This was a really great course! I knew the basics of Figma and had created two full website desktop prototypes with it already, but I learned a lot of useful things! Especially about shapes, lines, opacity, strokes, colors, fills, imagery, and blend modes. Now I can do a lot more with Figma, which is great! The 100+ list of shortcuts and 100+ list of plugins are amazing, can’t wait to dig into them!

I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Figma. The videos are easy to follow and I liked the assignments so you could practice what you learned and this way better remember how to do things.

I am a person who normally cannot learn anything by listening or watching, but these videos I was able to concentrate on, listen to and learn from. So people like me, this is for you too! I already purchased the Advanced Figma Course and will start that next. I am confident these two courses will give me everything I need to use Figma the best possible way!


Verified Review

HOLY CRAP, I LOVE IT! 🤩 During my journey, I’ve attended so many courses about Figma. And honestly, this one is the best so far. All explained into deep but still, no sauce around. Straight to the thing. Lots of examples and step-by-step guides for each part. Even though I know a lot about how to use Figma, I will return to details about grids and auto-layout. And the shortcut list is fantastic! All of them are in one place. I’ve tried really hard to find some cons. But there are only pros 🤣 So summary recommended to all. I’ve already sent the link about the upcoming course to some of my friends trying to get into UX. Great job, and I cannot wait for the advanced Figma course 👌


Verified Review

Overall the tutorial was really great for beginners and I liked all the videos the way they were explained , Andrija was really good in his teaching , was very clear about all the topics covered. There is nothing to be disliked about the tutorial. Waiting for advanced one!


Verified Review

The course is very interactive and knowledgable. It helped me take the first steps towards becoming a UI designer. The pacing was great! Andrija’s teaching skills shined in this simple, but powerful course. I’m more confident now and I just wanted to say thanks!


Verified Review

Hello, The details & structure of the course are perfect. Thank you so much for this course. It was short, simple & to the point


Verified Review

Nice subtitles, I appriciate the detailed subtitles. Great introduction to the different aspects of projects, teams and files in the video “Main Interface”.


Verified Review

Very easy to understand and covered all the basics necessary, awesome job!


Verified Review

This course was really helpful and fun!
I learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know, and Andrija is a really good teacher because he uses simple language in his explanations to make the concepts more usable.
Very useful are the exercises assigned at the end of the chapters to put the concepts covered into practice right away.
I am also really satisfied that I was able to recreate step by step together with Andrija the demo of Mobile App Screen!
The bonus Plugins are a nice treat!
Thank you!


Verified Review

This course really nails the basics of Figma, getting you up and running smoothly.

I’ve been through a year of live UX courses at a private university, and Andrija breaks it down way better than those long lectures. Andrija walks you through each move, shortcuts, and throws in a good dose of design thinking. What I like is how easy it is to follow, and the lessons are in bite-sized chunks. It’s exactly how educational content should be created!


Verified Review

As a user of Figma for a year, learned it by just watching some Youtube videos, this course, even though it was a beginner one, still thought me a lot of things that I never knew, at the same time enhanced what I already know of.


What’s stopping you from becoming a Figma pro

There are numerous detailed blog articles that go through Figma options and features but seeing something in a video versus reading about it makes a massive difference.

There are also a bunch of free resources on YouTube and other platforms, and while they might be better than written materials, you don’t have a guarantee of the completeness of the knowledge they’re offering. They don’t offer professionally-crafted exercises, and they’re often crafted by beginners and amateurs without much teaching experience.

The knowledge you gain by learning Figma in the above-described hard way is not complete or structured.

There’s no accountability or urge to complete something that’s incomplete itself. You’re not going to get a certificate, and when it comes to your CV – learning from an industry expert definitely sounds better than learning on YouTube. Without this Beginner Figma Video Course, you will feel insecure in your knowledge and always wonder if you really know everything there is when it comes to Figma basics.

We are not saying that self-learning is impossible. It’s definitely possible. But it comes with a lot of obstacles.

Beginner Figma Video Course is the perfect investment for learning the Figma foundations the right way. Set yourself up for success.


Hi, I’m Andrija!

10+ years of relevant experience

Design mentor and lecturer

Product design lead

Master’s degree in design

Top 3% of freelance product designers

Andrija has worked on 50+ digital products, from websites to mobile and web apps. His work improved the lives of 10M+ users worldwide.

He worked as a UX/UI designer at multiple product design agencies, the most prominent one being the NYC-based Five.

He is one of the top 3% of freelance UX/UI and product designers worldwide, according to an exclusive freelancing platform Toptal.

He has experience in hiring, mentoring, managing teams, building client relationships, and more. He held numerous talks about product design at conferences and meetups.

He focuses on developing product strategies, conducting user and market research, hosting design workshops, creating resonating user experiences, and designing delightful user interfaces.

Currently, he works as a CEO and a product design lead at Sharc and as a UX lecturer and team lead at Algebra, a rewarded educational institution and college in Croatia.


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