10 Commandments for Product Designers

Become a better designer and level up your career with these 10 principles

Your mindset influences how and why you make design decisions. Being guided by wrong principles can stall your career progress.

Learn how to correctly approach your work and how to be the best product designer out there! These 10 commandments are a must for anyone in the industry!

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It’s our privilege to share this career‑changing information with you

We created this short but insightful book to share some of the soft skills and mindset shifts we know make designers great.

We selected these ten commandments based on what we’ve seen make the most significant difference when designing digital products and experiences.

Work on these skills constantly, and you will see a massive improvement in your workflows, communication, and the results of your projects.

Each requirement is candid, relevant, and actionable by anyone interested in product design.

Learn from the mistakes of others

How I bumped my career trajectory upwards

When I joined my first design team, I was young, motivated, and hungry for success, the same as (I’m guessing) you are. I watched my role models and admired them. I loved how they think, I loved how they design, I loved how they talk, present, perform… And damn, it all looked so much better than everything I did.

I started observing them daily, basically studying them, nitpicking their every step. I was obsessed with understanding what they did differently than the rest of us mortals. How do they tackle their work and stay on top of everything?

I started collecting notes and data on how they think, how they behave, and about all the things they do differently than I do.

When I started this process, my idea was to pick on the best things about each and every idol I had and combine them to be even better than they all are. I was like a supervillain that steals everyone’s superpowers.

After weeks and even months of collecting notes, probing them with questions, observing their words, and thinking about them, I noticed something that surprised me.

Even though these people are entirely different and unique, they have the same few patterns in their characters.

This used to be me

Check if this is you!

  • Thinking you only have a certain amount of intelligence or creativity and that there is a peak you can reach
  • Performance pressure
  • Judgemental and fixed stance
  • Hard to get along with colleagues
  • Hard to agree with the feedback and look at it as something positive
  • Afraid of failing and looking dumb in front of others
  • Unaware of biases
  • Struggling to tap into user empathy

This is a poor mindset that creates the urgency to prove yourself over and over again in front of others.

It’s crippling and unhealthy and it’s the biggest blocker in the development of you as a designer and as a person. Who enjoys working, learning, and trying when your whole reputation is at stake every time?

On the other hand, top performers have a different mindset. It is based on a completely different set of beliefs that I learned by observing top performers.

Fix it forever

How you view the world and your life affects the way you act as a designer

It determines whether you become the person you want to become and whether you accomplish the things you want to accomplish. This, right now, is your starting point. Yes, we do have different starting points, but the goals you have are achievable!

Your true potential might be unknown yet. It’s absolutely impossible to predict what an individual is capable of with training and correctly directed passion. When I saw how much and how fast people progress with the correct mindset and principles… it changed everything.

Everything can be different for you too! Why would you hide deficiencies, when you can overcome them with pride?

Why would you waste your time trying to prove again and again that you’re great, when you can let your design work do the talking?

This is not just any mindset book

Soak up the advice and guidelines created by professional designers for enthusiastic designers

This is not just any mindset e-book. This one is specifically crafted for you, for this industry, for the challenges you come across daily, for your success, and not anyone else’s.

This is your guide on

  • Industry-relevant soft skills and how to develop them
  • Mindset shifts that make designers great
  • A boost in your progress and development
  • Improvement in workflows and results of the projects
  • Candid, relevant, actionable advice for anyone interested in being a better product designer

This book is not going to tell you which pixels need pushing.

This book will give you the thought-provoking tips and principles to improve yourself and to be a well-rounded professional who’s able to skyrocket their progress the right way.

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Verified Review

I love the book! The layout is clear and easy to read. I love the separate pages design with the photo and the big title 🤩 Content-wise also super lovely and useful! I love that you are using both paragraphs and bullet points.


Verified Review

So I went through the complete book and I really liked it 😁, I feel those are the core principles that a good designer would need to have. I really liked how everything is written to the point. It really says many years of experience and knowledge in just around 34 pages 🙌.


Verified Review

The book 10 commandments is a superb one! Very knowledgeable and game-changing. It gives an idea for what the designer should inculcate in order to become a successful product designer and to develop a good useful products for the people.


Verified Review

Not a great book reader but it’s not long, finished in 1 go. I loved each commandment. These can adopt and apply every designer, even team member. I felt like its YouTube video worthy content 😅


Verified Review

The book was absolutely fabulous. I like how the book was so broad and valuable even for someone who’s not into ui/ux or product design. Such a killer book with tons of value in just a few pages! 👏


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