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In the last couple of years, the number of digital products and services has increased significantly. Some businesses were pushed to evolve into the digital space and were not ready for it. The rapid market transition to digital has caused companies to work with limited budgets, which can sometimes limit designers’ use of premium paid services. 

Luckily, there are free design resources with excellent assets to use in your next project! We have compiled the most used libraries to help you find the right image, icon, font, video, UI kit, and more.

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Design icon examples

🔎 Free Icons Sources

Assets: Icons

Evericons is a collection of 450+ icons that you can freely use for your next commercial or personal project.

Assets: Icons

Free 240+ high-quality SVG icons for personal or commercial use.

Assets: Icons

Google’s free library of icons goes hand to hand with its free typeface library.

Assets: Icons

One of the most popular free icon libraries that designers love. They have a Figma plugin as well.

Assets: Icons

400+ open source icons in three different styles make 1200+ variations for your next project. What more can we ask?

Assets: Icons, photos, illustrations, AI generators

Icons8 has a massive library of free design resources. From icons to textures. Some of those packs are free, but you’ll need to pay for most of them. Overall, this is an excellent resource for any designer.

Assets: Brand Icons

In this library, you won’t find your typical icon sets. Instead, you will be able to find brand icons, i.e., logos, with the brands’ appropriate color and SVG or PDF outline.

Assets: Icons

Lineicons is another extensive library of free and paid icons. They have 5000+ icons available for you to choose from, all neatly categorized and searchable for ease of use.

Assets: Icons

This is a free icon pack produced by the Tilda team, which created a no-code website builder tool.

Assets: Icons

They offer 6000+ free design resources such as SVG icons, and even more if you have a subscription. They have icons in four different styles and have an app in which you can directly customize the icon’s looks.

Assets: Icons

Flaticon is an excellent platform that gathers different designers around the globe and has a ton of icon packs available for download. You can get icons in PNG format with attributions; you need to subscribe for SVG and no attribution.

Assets: Icons

Over 320 icons are available for your next project.

Assets: Icons

3m+ icons are available for you to download in SVG and PNG format. Attribution for a free license is required. For paid, you can use it without attribution.

Assets: Icons, Illustrations, 3D illustrations

The platform hosts beautifully designed icon packs from the world’s best designers. Some of the packages are partially free; some are entirely free.

Assets: Icons

A collection of 4500+ icons for free use categorized in over 300+ groups. Available in SVG and PNG format.

Assets: Icons

It contains over 2000+ free icons neatly categorized for you to use. And it has its editor. 

Font Awesome also offers paid icons with a vast library of icons and styles.

Assets: Icons, illustrations, elements

With multiple styles of the same icon, you won’t know how to decide on just one!

There are free and paid sets.

Assets: icons

Features 400+ icon sets with multiple styles, totaling 1+ million icons available to cover your needs. PNG format is free to use with attribution, while SVG and no attribution is for premium users.

Assets: Icons

Tabler is one of our favorite free design resources! It has an excellent icon library, containing 1800+ icons, and they are all free.

Assets: Icons

Remix is a library of open-source free icons with a neutral style to fit any project. It contains 2000+ icons.

Assets: Icons

Search through 480 open-source icons for commercial and personal use.

Assets: Icons

Phosphor is an icon family set of 6000+ icons that fill the needs of any project you have on your hands.

Assets: Icons, illustrations

This extensive library has a free account option, but exports are PNG only, and a license is only for personal use.

Assets: Icons

Iconsax contains over 1000 icons in six different styles, making 6000 icons available for your projects for free.

Assets: Icons, 2D & 3D Illustrations, Animations

Iconscout is a vast library of icons and illustrations one might need. There are plenty of free design resources available, but a paywall might lock particular assets. Either way, this is a resource you shouldn’t sleep on! 😀

Illustration style examples

🌈 Free Illustrations Sources

Assets: Illustrations

Open-source library of minimalist illustrations that keeps getting updated and grows with time. All illustrations are customizable and available in SVG format.

Assets: Illustrations

A collection of robot heads to which you can customize and combine different components like antennas, colors, accessories, and more. Handy for designing the look of the chatbot and alike.

Assets: Illustrations

Diversity Avatars are a collection of illustrated avatars covering all races and genders. The free pack contains 30 avatars, while paid packages contain over 250 avatars.

Assets: photos, illustrations, mockups, textures, icons, and everything else you might need

Freepik is one of the free design resources you need to know! Their vast collection of assets covers your everyday needs as a designer. Many of them are available for free, but some are available through purchase only.

Assets: illustrations, icons

Drawkit contains various styled illustrations for any occasion and project you need. They are high-quality works that will help you push the project to the next level. They have added icons as well!

Assets: illustrations

Avataaars is a mix & match collection for creating unique illustrated avatars. Customize from hair, eyes, hair, clothes, and accessories. It’s super fun. We guarantee it.

Assets: illustrations, textures, images, backgrounds

Pngtree has an extensive library of graphics and pictures that can come in handy for any project. All assets are obtainable for free with attribution, but you have a daily limit of downloads.

Assets: illustrations

Open Peeps is a funny-looking collection of human characters that are customizable.

Assets: illustrations

Increase your engagements with a custom-made illustration library. All illustrations are MIT licensed for personal and commercial work.

Assets: illustrations

Assets: illustrations

Mix & match minimalist human illustrations to help you with placeholder images and landing page content. Free for commercial and personal use.

Assets: illustrations

This open-source illustration kit will help you create the next scene you need. Assets are available in AI, SVG, PNG, EPS, and Figma format, and they are free to use.

Mockup examples of devices

💻 Free Mockups Sources

Assets: mockups, icons, fonts, illustrations, textures, stickers, UI kits

A vast library of free goodies makes you want to design even more. 

There are over 300 free design resources for you to choose from!

Assets: Mockups

ABM is a collection of hi-fi device mockups from print to digital. It has an MIT license, which allows you to use the mockups in personal and commercial projects.

Assets: Mockups

The Mockup Club is an excellent site for finding your mockup. They gather all free mockup links they can find on the internet, saving you the hours of work.

Assets: Mockups, Icons, UI kits, Fonts, Photos

A collection of free assets from all around the World Wide Web, from icons to whole website templates and code. Worth checking out!

Assets: Mockups, Icons, Textures, UI kits, Backgrounds

If you need to prepare a beautiful pitch deck or add more dynamic to the presentation’s look, this is the place to go!

Photography examples

📸 Free Photography Sources

Assets: Photos

StockSnap is a vast collection of photos under the CC0 Licence, which allows you to do nearly anything with the images.

Assets: Photo search engine

LibreStock is a search engine for all free from the top sites. It will make your search so much easier.

Assets: Photos, illustrations, icons

Reshot is a high-quality free design resources library that helps you find what you need within a single click. It is a great asset for getting the perfect illustration or image for your next project.

Asset: Photos

A library focused on images and videos of nature. You can use all images royalty-free under a CC0 license.

Assets: Photos

Negative Space is a high-resolution stock image collection with free to use CC0 license. All neatly sorted in categories to save you time.

Assets: Photos

Pexels will be one of the top go-to places for beautiful photography free of charge.

Assets: Photos, Illustrations, Videos

Pixabay is a collection of over 2.5 million high-quality photos and videos you will need. They also have some music and sound effects.

Assets: Photos, 3D renders, Textures

Unsplash is one of the most popular image collections on the internet that is also high quality and has a free-to-use license.

Assets: Photos

Over 260 000 images are ready to use for your next commercial or personal project.

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👀 Other Free Design Resources

Assets: UI & wireframe kits, 2D & 3D illustrations, mockups, fonts, icons

Even though this is a mostly paid resource, UI8 has a section of free design resources and it’s fantastic. You’ll find different types of assets available. If you ever need to speed up your work, go here for help.

Assets: video clips, music, sound effects

If you need some videos or sound effects, this is the library for you, from exciting and intense shots to relaxing melodies.

Assets: Gradients

Beautifully crafted gradients for backgrounds or cool effects. Free for commercial and personal use.

And there you go, fellow designers – our top picks of free design resources we love to use for projects with a limited budget.

We hope this list will help you continue delivering fantastic designs with ease!

If you have a spectacular free asset we might’ve missed and want to share it with us, please reach out via our contact form or slide in our Instagram DMs.

We’d be beyond happy to chat with you.

Happy designing! 🥳

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