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Download a set of 100+ free icons designed to make your website or app stand out! Icons are immediately available in two weights, but you can edit them easily to fit your style

Examples of icons available in this free product design icon set.
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Professionally designed and easily editable icons

2 Weights

100+ icons in 2 different weights, ready to be used


Pixel-perfect & harmonious, as icons should be


Often-used icons shouldn’t be designed from scratch


There are some icons you use in every single project – reuse them

Did you ever catch yourself designing the same icon for the tenth time? Apps and websites product designers work on often require the same set of icons like the icon for close, user, search, arrow…

Forget about those struggles! Use this free, professionally-crafted set of icons to kickstart your UI phase. Spend your time designing the icons that are very specific to your product instead!

Create beautiful interfaces with less effort

Save time and energy for the product-specific icons that make the difference

Numerous icons shown in two different weights available within this freebie.

What’s inside?

  • 100+ professionally designed icons
  • 2 different weights – a bold and a light version
  • Lifetime access to all future updates

What to use them for?

  • Any kind of UI design work, or as placeholders during the UX phase
  • Personal and commercial projects
  • Anything goes as long as you don’t resell, redistribute, lease, license, or sub-license the icons to third parties


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