The Ultimate Pricing Guide for PRODUCT Designers

Learn how to price your design services to drive revenue and profit

Set prices too high, and you might miss out on exciting and fulfilling projects. Set your rates too low, and you will miss out on revenue. Worst of all, you might struggle to keep your product design business afloat.

With our Pricing Guide for Product Designers, it’ll never happen again!

The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Product Designers e-book
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This is how freelance DESIGNERS fail

Check for these common pricing mistakes

  • Feeling like you’re underpaid or like you’re providing more than you’re getting paid for
  • Not accounting for periods without work, hence struggling when sick or when you’re not immediately switching from project to project
  • Stressed about finances
  • Have one single pricing strategy that simply doesn’t fit all types of projects
  • Focused on comparing prices with other designers in your network
  • Not having a minimum acceptable rate, and worrying about competing with the lowest bidders

Don’t sell yourself short

A solid pricing strategy is one of the toughest lessons in freelancing

Pricing strategy in freelancing

The only thing that feels worse than being rejected because of your price, is working through a project that you’ve priced way too low and then struggling to keep your motivation and business afloat.

Freelancing doesn’t mean free! And it shouldn’t feel like that.

One of the most challenging lessons in a freelancing career is finding that sweet spot – pricing your work correctly, without underestimating yourself or overcharging your client.

With our Pricing Guide for Product Designers, you will:

  • Learn how to calculate your base rate – reverse engineering your lifestyle costs is not enough!
  • Learn which commonly overlooked expenses you need to take into account to keep your business afloat
  • Ensure you’re profitable
  • Get comfortable with different pricing strategies suitable for different kinds of projects
  • Inspect industry examples and tailor them to your needs
  • Get additional insightful tips on pricing for freelance UX, UI, and product designers
Calculate your rates and expenses

Don’t price yourself out of the market

Making sure everything’s accounted for makes your head spin?

Competitors, industry demand, personal needs, profit, revenue, hidden costs, pricing strategies, fee breakdowns, unexpected costs… it’s a tough act manipulating multiple strings.

Don’t worry! The Ultimate Pricing Guide For Product Designers is detailed and insightful, and it will allow you to sit down and calculate the correct numbers without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Everything vague is clarified with added examples you can modify to model your needs.

The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Product Designers e-book and its content


The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Product Designers

This is for you if you…

  • are freelancing full-time or part-time
  • want to start freelancing without making pricing mistakes early on
  • work with clients in a service-based model
  • are great at your work, but struggle a bit on the business side
  • are a small design studio owner

This is not for you if you…

  • don’t run a client-based business
  • don’t believe your work is undervalued in any shape or form
  • need further motivation to go freelance
  • aren’t willing to change your processes
  • won’t implement the tips you read
The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Product Designers e-book and pricing examples

This one-of-a-kind Pricing Guide for Product Designers consists of the following

1. Introduction

2. Calculate your base rate

Learn how to calculate your minimum hourly rate necessary to keep your business profitable and stress-free, explained through examples based on 2 different designers with different levels of seniority and living costs

3. Ensure profitability

All the “little” things that people often miss in their calculations, but have to be taken into account, laid out clearly, and once again illustrated on examples based on 2 different designers

4. Non-hourly pricing options

Multiple different strategies you can use to approach pricing, with some building upon your minimum hourly rate calculated in previous chapters

5. Examples

Three project pricing examples that include

  • a detailed client brief
  • introductory call questions you should ask to learn how to price the project and client answer examples
  • the thought process of considering all information provided by the client, necessary for your pricing decision
  • every example is for a completely different type of project and showcases a different kind of project pricing strategy

6. Additional tips

Guidance on how to maximize your product design earnings and be a well-rounded pricing guru


How you price your work has an impact on your career

Charge too much, and you won’t stay as busy as you’d like. Charge too little, and you’ll probably have to give up freelancing and get a regular design agency job. We’ve already established that!

However, there are also differences in how you might charge, not just how much. It depends if you’re willing to take the risk of fixed prices or if you want the predictability of hourly rates. It also affects how clients perceive your work. Fixed prices put all the risk of wrong estimates on you and are less risky for clients (they appreciate that). Predictable time-based rates put more risk on the clients since longer projects cost more.

Whatever your current case may be, this Ultimate Pricing Guide For Product Designers will lead you to figure out what’s best for you and how to get to the desired (and correct) numbers yourself!

SUPERCHARGE alumni 🧡 this guide

These are the people who struggled with pricing just as you do now


Verified Review

Hei from Norway! Even though I closed numerous projects in the last year, I either kept struggling to be profitable or worked my ass off for something I thought is going to be my normal monthly revenue. Turns out I was miscalculating my business expenses all the time.

As a former engineer, I hate to break it to you, but reverse-engineering doesn’t work every time. 😂  You saved my ass from overworking to stay afloat! Small adjustments do go a long way! 🤯


Verified Review

Had to come back to you guys with my feedback, because I’m sure there are others like me.

I have a solid experience in the industry and I’ve never struggled with pricing. I decided to take a peek just in case. Gotta say I didn’t expect to learn anything new, but I actually did. I won’t make huge changes to my strategies but I’ll rethink some aspects that were eye-opening. Thanks!


Verified Review

I’ve always felt completely clueless about pricing. It seemed so hard to do it right. And since it’s pricing – people always keep it hush-hush. Watching the examples in the book made me finally figure it out! No one ever shared this in such a concise and structured manner. Thank you SOOO much! 🙇‍♀️


Verified Review

I forgot to calculate so many things in my rates. Good that I read this as this is such a worthwhile read!


Verified Review

Going through this book made me realise one thing – knowing what I know now, I’d pay more for this book! Such a straightforward resource. I’ll re-read it every year as I adjust my pricing and rates.


Verified Review

I am thinking of starting my full-time freelancing career and this helped a lot! I would never come up with some things you mentioned as I’ve been working on the side for a while and I never had to fully rely on my freelance income.

This means a lot! Thank you for sharing it and I hope my review helps others decide to buy it. It was so worthy.


Verified Review

Coming from a freelancer with experience – this is gold! I restructured my pricing strategy in one exciting sitting!

Can’t wait to see how far this takes me!


Unlock a free bonus worksheet that helps you calculate your rates even faster

Pricing Guide for Product Designers bonus worksheets

Use this interactive worksheet to…

  • Calculate your base rate with ease
  • Take into account commonly overlooked expenses
  • Ensure you’re profitable from the beginning
  • Lower the chances for mistakes as close to zero as possible


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