Introduction to Product Design

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Introduction to Product Design is a video course where you’ll find all the introductory information about the product design process, product designer role, types of products you might work on, and more. 

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Introduction to Product Design video course held by Andrija, CEO of Sharc.
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Get up to speed with what product design is all about

Maybe you’re just starting, and you’re not sure what the product design role includes, or you’re not sure if this role will fit you – our Introduction to Product Design course got you covered. 

If you’re already working closely with product designers and want to understand them better, this course is also perfect for you.

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The essentials

The essentials

about product design processes and role in general



background and how this role came to be



and responsibilities of digital product designers



and how and when you’ll collaborate with them

Types of products

Types of products

product designers work on and how they differ

Top qualities

Top qualities

product designers should have to excel in the role

Course overview

What you will learn in this product design course

This concise and insightful video course will teach you everything you need to paint a full picture of the product design role in your head. You will be multiple steps closer to knowing if this career is the perfect choice for you. The Introduction To Product Design course can also show where to start if you’d love to learn product design yourself.

  • What is product design: general introduction to the topic
  • Product designer’s role demystified: what kind of tasks you might work on and why
  • A little bit of background: how product design role came to be and how it fits within the industry
  • Benefits of being a product designer: learn about all the good sides of the role
  • Is this career for me: In case you’re still unsure after the introductory information, learn how to figure out if a product design career is what you want
  • Other roles in the product team: learn about the roles you will collaborate with daily
  • Types of digital products: what kind of digital products you might work on
  • What makes a good product: what you should consider and how you should think while designing products
  • Product design process: what steps do product designers take to ensure they’re designing the right products and features
  • List of topics you should learn: a kickstart list if you want to dive deeper into product design


What is product design?

About the course

What’s included?

The Introduction To Product Design course will be as immersive and engaging for you as possible. Let’s go through all the different information types you’ll access! 👇

Introduction to Product Design is an engaging video course you can follow at your own pace.

Engaging video lessons

No reading! You will get access to 10+ short and categorized video lessons you can watch at a pace that suits you best

Examples for everything

Since this is an introductory course and many things might initially sound a bit obscure, we prepared examples of every little thing that can be shown, to make everything more comprehendible.

You can learn about different types of digital product in our Introduction to the Product Design video course.
How to Learn Product Design workbook

A guide on how to start with product design

We compiled a list of topics you can use to supercharge your product design growth – all the necessary subjects await neatly organized for you in a to-do list format

Product designer’s tools and resources

We’ve added a couple of tools and resources we use daily in our product design tasks. Besides that, you can find numerous topics you can search online to get a better grasp of the industry

Product design topics
Focus points of product design in the Introduction to Product Design course.

Test your knowledge

This is not a mandatory part of the course, but if you want to check how much you’ve learned about product design, you can take a brief quiz


You will be awarded a Supercharge Design certificate after completing the Introduction to Product Design course and the short quiz

Examples of Certificates of Graduation from Introduction to Product Design course
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Permanent access to course materials

As with all of our products, we’ll continue to expand this free course, improve it as we collect your feedback, and you will have free access to all future updates forever!

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Our alumni ❤️ this Introduction to product design

What our students say

Stevie B

Verified Review

This “Introduction to Product Design” is amazing! Another course I enrolled in, took much more time and had additional readings to introduce and cover the same material that is covered here in even more depth in a much shorter time.

Whether you are already a designer or considering becoming one, I highly recommend this intro by Supercharge Design, it is very informative, and a joy to watch as well!


Verified Review

The course was informative, engaging, and provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques of product design. The course content was presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for me to follow along and learn at my own pace.


Verified Review

Effective, clear, useful course. Keep up the good work. Thanks for shedding some light on many of the misconceptions. Having a clear idea about the holistic approach of digital product designing has opened my eyes and consider this career as a path to follow, no matter if I land a job on this (I’d great if so!) but just having a strong methodology when approaching a solution like the ones you mentioned is a must have strategy that will pay off by itself. Thanks a lot.


Verified Review

it was very useful thank you!


Verified Review

Useful information for UI/UX designers who try to start career.


Verified Review

The course will actually assist you in choosing a rewarding career path and will teach you more about product design, UI, UX, and other digital products, as well as how they relate to one another and how to create them effectively. Overall, this course is excellent for beginners and others to refer to.


Verified Review

I enjoyed the introduction to project design course. It was very informative and straightforward. I’d love to learn more in the future.


Verified Review

The course was fantastic & easy to follow, thank you!


Verified Review

This is a great course for anyone who is interested in what product design is about and what product designers do.


Verified Review

This course is truly effective, offering clarity and valuable insights throughout. I want to express my gratitude for dispelling numerous misconceptions. Understanding the holistic approach to digital product design has been an eye-opener, and it has inspired me to consider pursuing a career in this field, whether or not I secure a job in it (though that would be fantastic!). The robust methodology you’ve outlined for tackling complex problems is an indispensable strategy that I believe will yield its own rewards. Thank you immensely for this valuable experience.


Verified Review

As a beginner, I really liked the fact that the course was simple enough for me to understand. I checked out resources for beginners on the web but yours is the most concise and simplest I could come across. Kudos to the team!


Verified Review

The sequential flow from one module to the other, the way the conveyor softly and humorously runs through the courses is amazing, I was thrilled and overwhelmed paying apt attention from the beginning to the end.

The course was amazing, I enjoyed how he expresses this seamless attitude towards the course, giggles and smiles in between. It appears like a piece of cake making me really want to enjoy baking products with product design. Thanks for the lessons. You did a great job putting the introduction together.


Verified Review

2 hours with high-value information. I love the starter course.


Verified Review

This guy explains very well


Verified Review

Excellent course. Loved everything about the course.

Soumadeep Chakraborty

Verified Review

I absolutely loved the course! The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging, making the learning experience enjoyable. The hands-on projects and real-world examples were incredibly helpful in understanding the concepts. Overall, it was a fantastic learning opportunity!


Verified Review

This course is amazing I get to know the concepts better and in a easy way it was fun to join this course, I would absolutely suggest this course to every beginner it will really help you alot.


Hi, I’m Andrija!

10+ years of relevant experience

Design mentor and lecturer

Product design lead

Master’s degree in design

Top 3% of freelance product designers

Andrija has worked on 50+ digital products, from web and mobile apps to websites. His work improved the lives of 10M+ users worldwide.

He worked as a UX/UI designer at multiple product design agencies, the most prominent one being the NYC-based Five.

He is one of the top 3% of freelance UX/UI and product designers worldwide, according to an exclusive freelancing platform Toptal.

He has experience in hiring, mentoring, managing teams, building client relationships, and more. He held numerous talks about product design at conferences and meetups.

He focuses on developing product strategies, conducting user and market research, hosting design workshops, creating resonating user experiences, and designing delightful user interfaces.

Currently, he works as a CEO and a product design lead at Sharc and as a UX lecturer and team lead at Algebra, a rewarded educational institution and college in Croatia.


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