60+ Email Templates for Designers

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Leave an impeccable impression, save time, and eliminate the most tedious task from your daily routine — use over 60 email templates crafted specifically for product designers and UX/UI designers, accompanied with relevant tips!

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Professionalism and courtesy in the work environment make a lasting impression

Your communication style can make or break relationships with your clients, stakeholders, and team members.

Trying to think of how to write things politely and in accordance with business communication etiquette can take up so much time, cause procrastination, and drain energy. It’s not a skill that comes naturally to all.

Email templates let you plug your thoughts into pre-made blueprints, resulting in saved time and allowing you to focus on more important tasks – being the designer.


Grab email templates for numerous common situations you might find yourself in

Reclaim your time

Stay consistent

Reduce procrastination

Save mental energy

Simplify communication

Eliminate stress

Enhance focus

Impress with ease

Avoid mistakes

What’s inside?

Discover and use 60+ templates for both freelance and corporate emails you’ll have to send

Some of the templates have multiple variations to be used on predefined criteria or personal preference while others include tips and tricks on how to fill out the emails or approach the situations you’re in.

Check some of the situations you’ll be equipped for below! 👇

  • Sending a proposal or an offer
  • Making a counter-offer
  • Client is not responding after the offer is sent
  • Accepting the project and collaboration
  • Declining a project because you lack the necessary skills
  • Declining a project because you’re too busy
  • Declining a project because you and the client are not a good fit
  • Declining a project because of the pricing mismatch
  • Sending a Statement of Work
  • Asking for feedback on the design
  • Sending the designs for the first and second round of reviews
  • Client is not responding to your messages
  • Client is late with the feedback
  • Client is asking for work outside the scope
  • Asking questions about user interview recruiting
  • Getting research buy-in
  • Sending the invoice to the client
  • Requesting a late payment
  • Announcing an increase in rates for ongoing clients
  • Explaining steps in your design process
  • Sending UX/UI/research deliverables
  • Closing a project or collaboration on a positive note
  • Asking for a testimonial or a review
  • Asking for referrals
  • Asking for clarification, unsure if you understood the client on the call
  • Asking for additional brief details to be able to do the task
  • Sending a design QA to the client, developer, or a PM
  • Sending updates to clients
  • Onboarding a new designer to an ongoing project
  • Delivering the project early
  • Missing the deadline
  • Reaching out to your favorite designer (mentorship inquiry)
  • Asking for style direction
  • Asking for assets (brand style guide, logo/icon assets, and more)
  • Project assets client sent over aren’t usable
  • Asking the client to pay for design resources (fonts, images, and more)
  • Job application emails (thank you emails, follow ups, competitive offers, and more)
  • Open application (without a job ad)
  • Sending the hiring process design task solution to the hiring manager
  • Following up on a job application
  • Multiple ways of asking for a raise
  • Misaligned team email
  • Escalating problems at work
  • You have too much on your plate
  • Feeling sick email
  • Family emergency email
  • Sending an invitation to a call
  • Planning and inviting team members or clients to a workshop


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Grab 60+ email templates for designers and make your email communication a breeze


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  • 90 pages long PDF ebook
  • Made for both freelancers and designers working in agencies
  • Some emails have multiple variations and/or useful tips
  • Approx. 10¢ per email template
  • Job hunt, research buy-in, client and team communication, feeling sick, sending a proposal… you name it!
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