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Get support in preparing for job interviews, landing your dream job, polishing your portfolio, or simply in being a stellar UX, UI, and product designer.

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Success and confidence are just one call away

Structured guidance and mentorship will help you develop into a more self-assured, and successful designer. Grow rapidly with an experienced design mentor. Your next big step can be made possible with superior mentorship.

Imagine yourself in a year or two. Where do you want to be? What do you want to achieve? Here are a couple of goals you can reach quickly with our coaching 👇

  • You are regarded as a professional and a team member that actively contributes to projects, instead of being an order-taker at the end of the chain of command
  • You can ask confidently for better rates or higher salaries because you know how to provide more value to the clients and employers
  • You know how to differentiate yourself from other designers, which results in easier client acquisition or a raise
  • You produce work that converts, which results in satisfied clients or employers, and more referrals
  • You take your knowledge and skills to a whole other level


“A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

Increased knowledge, personal and professional growth and development, constructive and actionable feedback, words of encouragement, unbiased opinions, a trusted ally, smart goal setting, holding you accountable, new perspectives, networking connections, developing leadership skills, rising and fortifying your confidence, inspiration, motivation…

This list goes on and on! The benefits of having a mentor are huge and it’s one of the best things you can do for your career. Our Supercharged mentor will help you work out where you want to go, and how to get there. He’s your personal partner in growth and a trusted advisor.

Our approach to mentoring puts an emphasis on questioning, listening, and tailoring the approach just for you. Skyrocket your design career with ease!


Don’t leave your growth to chance


where you currently stand and what your strengths and weaknesses are


personal goals and tailor them to your situation so they’re more achievable


valuable and specific feedback, industry tips, career coaching, and more


your design skills in any area of interest (research, UX, UI, strategy, leadership, etc.)


your design craft skills, design portfolio, or soft skills you need for that next role


a designer who gets hired for their stellar design and problem-solving skills

MENTORING Tailored for you

Let’s personalize this mentorship to your specific needs

Mentorships can take many shapes and forms. They can be clearly structured, or have no structure at all. Here in Supercharge, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor every single session to fit your wishes and needs. You’re the boss! So just let us know what can we help you with?

Let’s go through a couple of examples of what you can ask from our design mentoring calls…

Option 1

Advance in your UX/UI or product design career

  • Career advice, and planning your career roadmap
  • Choosing your career goals and success metrics
  • Resume and portfolio review with actionable feedback and improvement tips
  • Job interview preparation, job interview role play
  • Negotiating your job offer
  • Preparing and positioning yourself to get promoted
Option 2

Switch careers to design

  • Learn how to transfer from another career into the design
  • Assistance in transferring from one design role to another, especially if you’re a graphic designer who wants to learn UX/UI and product design
Career Switch Mentoring Call
Option 3

Receive personal support and accountability

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Managing burnouts
  • Project advice and consulting
  • Having a reliable senior designer who helps you complete your design tasks
Option 4

Learn specific design skills and tools

  • Tutoring on the topics of your choice
  • Review sessions
  • Feedback on your designs with actionable improvements
  • Grow your UX, UI, research, and strategy skills
Option 5

Get advanced mentoring

  • Get help on how to hire and manage your design team
  • Guidance on how to grow, train, and lead your team
  • Learn how to keep your design team members motivated


The greatest investment you can make is investing in yourself

Satisfied Mentee Designers

This is for you if you…

  • feel like you need assistance in developing a career path that fits your individual passions, talents, and interests
  • are transitioning into a specific design role and need coaching or guidance
  • are a junior or a complete novice who wants to grow rapidly
  • want assistance in finding ways to grow professionally
  • need a trusted confidant during times when you have to make decisions on design projects or
  • need a second opinion from an expert
  • are building your design team for the first time
  • want to learn specific UX, UI, research, and strategy skills from an experienced product designer and lecturer

Get immersed IN YOUR GROWTH

This is how your mentorship will look like

Meet your mentor

Speak with an experienced product designer, mentor, and lecturer

You will join a call with Andrija Prelec, a product designer with almost a decade of hands-on industry experience.

He has worked on 50+ digital products, from websites to mobile apps, that have reached 10M+ users worldwide. In the past, he had worked both as a UX/UI designer at product design agencies (the most prominent one being an NYC-based agency called Five) and as a freelance product designer.

Currently, he works as a CEO and a product design lead at Sharc, and as a UX lecturer and team lead at Algebra, a rewarded educational institution and college in Croatia. He focuses on developing product strategies, conducting user and market research, creating resonating experiences, and designing delightful user interfaces. Outside of the design field, he has experience with hiring, mentoring, managing teams, building client relationships, and so much more.

Andrija has mentored hundreds of existing and future UX, UI, and product designers through his work, lectures, workshops, and in-person courses. He also holds a master’s degree in multimedia design.

Don’t miss out on a chance to speak with an accomplished designer who has experience with hiring and teaching! After the mentorship calls, you will know exactly what to do, why, and how!

A person holding speach at a conference, teaching a class

Supercharge Design alumni 🎓

Join hundreds of people who benefited from Andrija’s mentoring


Verified Review

I just wanted to say thanks to Andrija! Conversations with him helped me reach an entirely new level, one I couldn’t dream of just a year or two ago. I quickly landed a job at a prominent award-winning product design agency as a UX strategist! Our talks helped me grow into a new role, and I couldn’t be more excited! His passion for product design and UX is contagious!


Verified Review

Before I started freelancing, I worked as a UX designer and researcher in a local design agency. Most of my work was under strict NDAs.

Calls with Andrija helped me plan my portfolio so it showcases my skills without impacting the contracts I was under. Besides that, I trained how to confidently speak to clients which helps me out a lot now, during my first year as a freelancer. I take every new client opportunity as a new job interview.


Verified Review

I call Andrija my jack of all design trades guy! Having 1:1 meetings with him helped me create and enhance my portfolio. It took me only 2 months to start working as a UX and UI designer after my calls with Andrija!

I had a developer’s background and discussing some of my decisions with him helped me switch my way of thinking to more of a true designer’s perspective. He helped me bridge that developer to designer gap with ease! My projects varied from data visualization dashboards to UX-heavy chatbot apps. He was able to provide tips on everything from small UI tweaks like the typography to the presentation structure of my work.

When it comes to preparing me for the job interviews, he gave me directions on answers to highly likely interview questions and tips on how to negotiate my work conditions. I am confident about recommending his mentoring abilities as his approach was very tailored to what I personally needed. I still reach out to him and consider him my go-to design support!


Verified Review

Andrija’s help in changing careers was invaluable to me. In a couple of 1:1 sessions, I learned skills and tools that would normally take months or more to master. He aided me in making the transfer into the dynamic world of marketing and content design. Even to this day, I still seek advice from Andrija,  and I’m convinced that he will always give me great tips on how to move forward. His expertise extends beyond UX and UI design, and anyone interested in design in any shape or form can learn so much from him!

I owe a lot of my current success in my field to his mentoring talents. He’s a design rock star, and learning from him was a fantastic and rewarding experience all around. I promise you won’t regret having Andrija as your mentor as you will learn about design processes, building your portfolio, nailing the interview processes, and honestly – a lot more. But most importantly, you will have fun as you grow.


Verified Review

Working with the founders of Supercharge has been a breath of fresh air – they are user-centered, professional designers who can tackle any problem, no matter how niche or complex the industry, and arrive at an intelligent solution the client is enthusiastic about. They also have the soft skills that make the difference between having a good idea and having your good idea implemented – I’ve seen them coach clients in design thinking & respectfully but firmly argue on behalf of the users, grounding their rationale in research.

I’ve seen them do it all – from workshopping with clients, developing user flows and complex service blueprints, structuring and running user research, establishing a design system and completing the detailed design, to QA-ing the development work before it goes live to ensure it’s honoring the initial intentions. They know how to do it all – and most importantly, do it all well. They have a contagious passion for their craft, and the depth and breadth of their knowledge and talent is remarkable. But don’t be intimidated – they’re also easy to work with: they stay humble, they’re flexible, and they’re fun.

In addition to the crucial core design skills, you’ll learn the intangibles that Andrija has mastered — persuasion, presentation, and empathy. He speaks the language of users, stakeholders, and engineers equally well. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better mentor; his particular combination of broad experience, patience & enthusiasm for coaching, and deep design skill is hard to find.


Verified Review

Andrija helped review my portfolio and he gave me valuable tips on how to present myself and my skills better.

Tips varied from UI and style in general to the story I was telling. For example, he suggested incorporating more of my previous work background in sales and to explain how well those skills translate to the UX field! I am now more focused on my growth and more confident! Thanks, Andrija!


Verified Review

When it comes to reviewing my portfolio, Andrija helped me tremendously with turning my designs from amateur-looking into professional ones! During our calls, he explained the value of design elements like whitespace and alignment. My designs look so much neater now!

One of the problems I had was overusing color, so we focused on creating more balanced color palettes tailored to the products I was designing for. All of that helped me prioritize the users and not my personal taste. The biggest takeaway from my review calls is the confidence that I can launch a new career in this creative industry after working years and years in the business field. Andrija, you rock!


You asked, we answered! ✋

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  • mentoring topics can remain connected or each call can have its own goal